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A Christmas Cornucopia of Humans of Mallorca - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

On this the last Sunday before Christmas 2020 I can indulge myself in a little festive reflection. The ‘Humans of Majorca’ are doing what they do best at this time of year. This global term encompasses all who claim this title who may not live here year roundFaster COVID-19 vaccination rollout in U.S. is prompting jab jealousy in Canada. We enjoy the company of full time and half year residents plus long stayers and holiday makers. They all love the island and most of the peopleIndoor household gatherings! They all consider themselves to be of this island in mentality and tradition.

‘But I always come to Mallorca’ was a refrain often repeated in our restricted summer when many couldn’t get here. ‘I celebrate my anniversary every year in the Puerto Soller – that is where we met’. ‘I was coming for a wedding but it didn’t happen’. ‘My family always rent an apartment for a month by the sea’s Nadine Yousif. So many disappointments for so many and catastrophe for the Humans who work on the Island. There were glimmers when our Humans of Mallorca left France and joined us in great numbers. French, for a while was the second language of the Valley. A little more money flowed and we thought we were seeing light at the end of the tunnel. It was great while it lasted.

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New Humans actually moved here in this Covid year. All the trickiness of settling children in new schools came alongside the online learning programme which existed for many months. Many Humans acquired puppies and had time to stay home with them as they grew. Beautiful dogs appeared from Boxers to King Charles Cavaliers and then the 2020 favourite – the Dachshund. Dogs loved the Humans being home all day and were in lockdown heaven. The cats, however were a different matter and often left the house in disgust to a top of the wall, space in the sun.

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