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Huang Min, general manager of Guangzhou Jueshan Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.: the supremacy of customers' interests is the premise of the company's development

Guangzhou Jueshan Construction Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 and was initially named "Shifa machinery", but due to the company's weak trademark awareness at that time, it was not registered. Until 2016, the "Shifa" brand was registered by others. After thinking about it, president Huang finally came up with a quite satisfactory name - dig mountain. Jueshan mainly deals in various electronic and electrical components, and focuses on the construction machinery parts industry for more than ten years. It is a modern company integrating R & D, production, sales and after-sales. Its products are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia, India and other places

when asked about entrepreneurial experience, most people will always have countless words to say, whether it is the experience on the road to success or the bitterness of entrepreneurship. However, president Huang chose to avoid talking about this issue. In Mr. Huang's opinion, the entrepreneurial experience is actually 6 It's useless to click the experimental button on the software to talk more. If you talk about bitter tears, it will make people feel hypocritical. Therefore, the best state of development is to look ahead without thinking about the past and fearing the future

leveraging our efforts in both talent and capital

in 2018, all categories of construction machinery showed a general upward trend. However, by visiting some construction machinery parts enterprises in Guangzhou, we learned that affected by environmental protection policies and other factors, since the second half of 2018, most enterprises have seen a decline in sales performance, as has digging mountains. Since June 2018, the performance of mountain digging has shown a slight downward trend

in this regard, Mr. Huang believes that the external environment is on the one hand, but we still need to find problems from ourselves. At present, digging mountains is faced with two major pain points: insufficient funds for product development and lack of talents. These two points will also be greatly valued and invested by mountain digging in 2019. On the one hand, digging mountains will widely absorb personnel and sales personnel, expand the company's talent team and strengthen the construction of talent team; On the other hand, increasing investment in product development can be used for stretching, tightening and twists of metal, non-metal and other materials. Through the improvement of process equipment, the production efficiency can be improved, and combined with market orientation, products more in line with user needs can be continuously launched to improve the company's comprehensive competitive strength

customers' interests are paramount, digging mountains has unique competitive advantages

Guangzhou is the largest distribution center of construction machinery parts in China and even Asia, with natural advantages. However, because of this, there are more excellent enterprises in Guangzhou, which will produce more fierce competition. In the face of competition, Mr. Huang said that "we are not afraid of customers being robbed, and customers who can be robbed must not cooperate for a long time". Mr. Huang is so confident that he can also see the strength of digging mountains from the side

focusing on the construction machinery and electrical parts industry for more than ten years, digging mountains has already had its own unique advantages. First of all, Jueshan has been engaged in electrical components for many years, and has unparalleled professionalism and valuable experience, which can provide customers with certain technical support and help customers solve many technical problems; Secondly, chuoshan always takes the high-end route, and its product quality is stable, but it can also maintain ultra-high cost performance, thus becoming the first choice of customers; Third, since its establishment, mountain digging machine accessories have taken the interests of customers as the premise of the company's development. Its integrity management has been well-known in the industry, so that customers can rest assured to cooperate with it. Finally, Jueshan pays great attention to the care of details and the attitude towards customers. When we press the print button with customers, we start printing experimental data and become friends and family members. From one customer to tens of thousands of customers, we can develop into "repeat customers" of Jueshan

advanced technology looking forward to the future, Guangzhou Jueshan will follow the strategic pace of "made in China 2025", focus on the future development direction of manufacturing industry such as "high efficiency, high efficiency, low consumption, environmental protection, intelligence and informatization", accelerate the pace of development, comprehensively improve product quality, technical performance and after-sales service, and integrate product technology and service system with international standards to meet the needs of users in an all-round way, We are committed to becoming a "dazzling star" in the electrical parts industry and adding strong impetus to the future development of Guangzhou accessories market

: Chen Xu

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