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Huai'an high tech zone builds a "core highland" of semiconductor industry and seeks China's "core development"

on November 3, the "Taiwan Business Forum · 2018 Taiwan week" Huai'an Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Cooperation Symposium was successfully held in Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province. At this cooperation forum, Huai'an high tech Zone reaped a lot, signing a total of 22 semiconductor upstream and downstream projects of more than 100 million yuan, with a total investment of 29.52 billion yuan and a foreign investment of 900 million US dollars. Among them, there is one project with a total investment of more than 10 billion yuan, and the total investment of smart core town is 15 billion yuan; There are 8 projects with more than 1billion yuan, such as Dongbo capital and guangteng optical camera lens

in recent years, Huai'an high tech Zone has focused on the semiconductor industry as a strategic emerging industry, focusing on key areas such as semiconductor materials and equipment, integrated circuit manufacturing, design, packaging and testing, and has vigorously introduced and cultivated leading enterprises such as Dehuai semiconductor and time core storage, which has effectively driven the vigorous development of the semiconductor industry in the region and even the whole city

two engines support the industrial foundation

in the development process of semiconductor industry in Huai'an high tech Zone, Dehuai semiconductor and Shidai core have played an important role

in 2016, Dehuai semiconductor with a total investment of 15billion yuan in phase I and Shidai core semiconductor project with a total investment of 13billion yuan successfully settled in Huai'an high tech Zone, becoming the "double engine" of the semiconductor industry in Huai'an high tech Zone at the fastest speed

at present, the infrastructure construction of phase I project has been completed for the two major projects of Dehuai semiconductor and Shidai core storage phase change memory, and all production equipment has been basically in place, and has entered the stage of equipment commissioning and trial production. After the two major projects are fully put into operation, they will gather a large number of high-end resource elements such as professionals and patented technology, which will become a "strong magnetic field" for the semiconductor industry projects in Huai'an high tech Zone, adding a heavy touch to the development of the semiconductor industry in Huai'an high tech Zone

three projects complete the industrial chain

follow the trend and take advantage of it. Huai'an high tech Zone, supported by two 10 billion projects of Dehuai semiconductor and Shidai core, focuses on upstream and downstream industrial chain projects, continues to increase investment attraction in the industrial chain, further promotes the three major projects of "building chain, supplementing chain and strengthening chain", and constantly "go out and invite in", striving to establish a whole industrial chain covering design, manufacturing, packaging and testing, equipment, materials and applications

in August, 2018, the Huai'an Municipal Party committee and government launched the "Taiwan Huai'an week" activity in Taiwan, and Huaiyin District actively supported the activity. A total of 18 upstream and downstream projects of the semiconductor industry chain, including Yili technology with a total investment of 1 billion yuan and Maocheng technology with a total investment of 500 million yuan, were signed, with a total investment of about 10.6 billion yuan. With the successive implementation of these projects, the 100 billion level semiconductor industry cluster is ready to emerge in Huai'an high tech Zone

101% service optimization industrial environment

high tech enterprises must be ahead in technology and time if they want to be in the leading position in the industry, and they must race against every minute in the application of patent technology, which is directly related to whether the development of enterprises is controlled by others. All people in the high-tech zone firmly establish the 101% service concept to solve the worries of merchants other than investment

combined with the characteristics of large investment and long return cycle in the semiconductor industry, Huai'an high tech Zone gives full play to the leverage of capital, and focuses on leveraging social capital investment in semiconductor related enterprises in the seed stage and start-up stage by establishing an industrial fund with a total scale of 5billion yuan, an innovation and development fund with a total scale of 200million yuan, a "government bank guarantee" platform with a credit line of 1billion yuan, and a "five-dimensional" financial service system of small science and technology loan companies and financial leasing companies, To introduce and support the development of semiconductor industry. For newly settled projects, implement the "simulation approval" and "joint survey" mechanisms, establish a series of working systems to speed up the pace of project construction, such as joint pre-trial of industrial land, efficient approval of major industrial projects, and "green channel" for bidding and tendering of key projects. The friction of the force measurement part causes negative errors to the experimental machine. According to the "five ones" assistant service mechanism, comprehensively consider the needs of enterprises and project construction and development, and specify that the project is accepted by a specially assigned person The service mode tracked by a specially assigned person provides point-to-point and whole process services for the project to ultimately make the vehicle perform better in terms of safety and cost

at the same time, for established enterprises, through "two centers and six platforms", we should dynamically pay attention to the quality and efficiency of enterprise operation, reduce enterprise operation costs, timely help enterprises solve development problems, actively build an enterprise innovation and transformation development ecosystem, and constantly improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

ten thousand mu space attracts industrial agglomeration

Huai'an high tech Zone has nearly ten thousand mu of mature land. For settled semiconductor industry projects, priority should be given to ensuring the land in the core area of the high tech Zone. At the same time, according to the needs of the development of semiconductor industry agglomeration, a 3-square-kilometer smart core town is planned on both sides of the Yanhe River, and the construction of supporting facilities such as Baodao mother's love hospital, business center, expert apartment and international community is started. Efforts are made to build the smart core town into a Yangtze River Delta semiconductor industry characteristic integration functional area integrating manufacturing and R & D, commercial residence and ecological leisure

at present, as the only characteristic town with the theme of semiconductor industry in Jiangsu Province, smart core town has been approved as the second batch of provincial characteristic towns in Jiangsu Province, and is being built into a new landmark of industry city integration with the introduction and retention of high-end talents in the semiconductor industry, the agglomeration of innovative resources, and the development of industrial clusters

By 2020, Huaiyin District plans to focus on "doing a good job in basic supporting facilities and expanding the industrial scale", gather more than 100 semiconductor upstream and downstream enterprises, and the output value of the semiconductor industry will exceed 50billion yuan; By 2025, focusing on "gathering key enterprises and highlighting industrial characteristics", 150 new technology-based enterprises in the fields of IOT application, intelligent hardware, intelligent security, information security and so on will be cultivated, with an output value of more than 100 billion yuan; By 2030, with the focus on "improving the vertical ecosystem and enhancing industrial impact", we will continue to tap emerging markets such as robots and AI. At least one IDM enterprise will enter the top 10 in China, and more than 10 enterprises will be listed on the main board

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