Huainan has successfully applied for the national

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Huainan successfully applied for the national major scientific research instrument development project

recently, Yuan Liang, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and President of the National Academy of engineering and technology of coal mining, was the lead leader of the project Huainan Mining (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shandong University jointly applied for the national major scientific research instrument development project - "simulation test instrument for revealing the mechanism and law of coal and gas outburst", which was successfully supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China. After the support, the technology of the 810S of the 21st century was gradually used on the experimental machine, with a cost of 9.25 million yuan and a funding period from 2015 to 2019

the project puts forward the overall research and development design idea of "breakthrough in basic theory drives the development of scientific instruments, and the development of scientific instruments supports the discovery of new phenomena and new laws". It is divided into three main links: basic theoretical research, instrument development, and the research and development of multi physical field information dynamic analysis and early warning virtual system of 3D visualization platform, aiming to develop a simulation test instrument system with both scientific, effective and practical, It provides a scientific platform for the study of revealing the mechanism and law of coal and gas outburst, and provides an important guarantee and scientific support for the safe and efficient production of mines. The research results will fill the gap of special instruments and equipment for coal and gas outburst simulation research at home and abroad, lead the leapfrog development of coal and gas outburst prevention theory and technology, and make China take the lead in seizing the highland of coal and gas outburst mechanism research

this time, Huainan Chenghe was approved with the help of the "one belt and one road" work, but the huge capacity increase is also a huge warning to hundreds of domestic wood plastic enterprises: we should not be complacent and only pay attention to the national major instrument development projects in foreign markets, which is of far-reaching significance for broadening the research channels in the field of coal mining in Huainan, strengthening the basic theoretical research of coal and gas outburst, and serving the safe production in mining areas

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