Huang Daosheng, the former Consul General of China

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Huang Daosheng, the former Consul General of China stationed abroad, visited Huatai Paper Industry recently, accompanied by Jiang Zhenbang, Yang Zhiliang, deputy directors of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress, and other leaders, Huang Daosheng, the former Consul General of China stationed abroad and former director of the Overseas Economic Liaison Committee of diplomats, visited Huatai with more than 4600 basic items

Huang Daosheng and his party carefully understood the development of Huatai Group, listened to the report of chairman Li Jianhua, inspected the 200000 ton paper production line on the spot, and visited the company's honor exhibition room. During the inspection, the good self insulation of Huatai Group is mostly used for non load-bearing walls. The thermal performance of self insulation walls is stable and is not affected by the construction quality; The construction operation is simple, avoiding the destructive effect of the second decoration on the internal insulation materials; It can solve the problem of wall thermal insulation of high-rise buildings; Through the design of material block structure, the problem of external wall leakage can be solved. The development environment and great development potential have left a deep impression on Huang's research results. Huang Daosheng fully affirmed the achievements of Huatai's development and construction, and especially spoke highly of Huatai's forest paper integration strategy

during the symposium in the VIP room of the building, Huang Daosheng and his delegation had a discussion with Li Jianhua. He said that he should take advantage of his long-term work in national expatriate posts, familiarity with foreign conditions, and many friends to help carry out exchanges and cooperation with European countries and cities such as France, promote friendly exchanges between governments, and attract foreign enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, to carry out cooperation in various fields and forms with Dongying, so as to make his own contribution to the development of Dongying

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