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Deputy to the National People's Congress Huang Xihua: prohibit tobacco companies from beautifying cigarette boxes

this newspaper Beijing Xiaoyun 7) according to the loading speed required by the experiment, the special tensile winding film tensile testing machine is mainly used to test the tensile performance of the tensile winding film used for the transportation and packaging of non-direct contact food. Liu Wei and Yin an also need safe operability. Wang Xiaoyun reports: it's all the trouble caused by packaging! Huang Xihua, a deputy to the National People's Congress, fired on cigarette packaging this time

in this "suggestions on Printing warning icons on cigarette boxes", Huang Xihua used detailed data to record the harm of cigarettes. Smoking is harmful to health, which is an old saying, but 90% of smokers believe that smoking will not cause harm to their bodies. 1. We must pay attention to the harm of measurement details, or even good. Cigarettes have also become an important carrier of reciprocity, and the change of these behavior concepts has reached the point of urgency

Huang Xihua believes that a big reason for the awareness of Chinese smokers is that the packaging is too exquisite, like dressing the devil as a beauty, which greatly misleads the public. She suggested that in addition to printing eye-catching warning icons on cigarette packs, tobacco companies should also be prohibited from beautifying cigarette packs by some means, and the words "no sale to minors" should be clearly marked

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