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Huaibei City participated in the second phase of the Canton Fair and reached an export transaction intention of 9.96 million US dollars

on April 27, the second phase of the 107th Canton Fair came to an end at the Pazhou Exhibition Hall in Guangzhou. In Huaibei City, three enterprises, Anhui golden crown glass, Huaibei Ireson glass and Xinma import and export, participated in this exhibition, with 3 booths and 9 participants. The commodities exhibited mainly include glassware and glass handicrafts, with more than 100 varieties. In the five-day exhibition, the export enterprises took the initiative to launch the sample specifications, widely contacted with customers, actively promoted products, and publicized their own brands. 1. First, record the initial position of the cross arm of the machine, and select the speed value on the control panel (use the standard, but its performance depends on the operation of the computer servo system to give full play to the collimating steel ruler to measure the cross arm travel) It achieved US $9.96 million and overturned the industrial development model. The main trading markets include the United States, Germany, India, Egypt, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions

although the volcanic ash in Iceland has affected some European merchants to attend the meeting, and foreign trade exports are still facing many unstable and uncertain factors, the transaction situation of this Canton Fair is generally optimistic, and our city has also achieved good exhibition results. The signs of global economic recovery are obvious, exports show a restorative growth, and enterprise orders increase, which enhances the confidence of enterprises to expand exports. In the later stage, we should pay close attention to the external environment of international trade, national foreign trade policies, RMB exchange rate and raw material prices, enhance predictability, give timely guidance to the city's foreign trade import and export work, and do everything possible to seize opportunities to maintain the sustained and rapid development of import and export trade

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