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Huaihua wire and cable testing center passed the laboratory qualification evaluation

on October 12, Huaihua wire and cable testing center (hereinafter referred to as the testing center) successfully passed the laboratory qualification evaluation. This marks the success of Huaihua's first government enterprise cooperation and co construction laboratory, and also indicates that the means and ability of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision to serve the development of enterprises and industries have been further enhanced

On October, the laboratory evaluation expert group of Hunan Provincial Bureau of quality supervision carried out on-site inspection on the operation of the quality management system of the laboratory of the testing center, including testing ability, personnel training All factors such as method change and environmental facilities were checked. The expert group spoke highly of the preparatory work of the testing center and agreed that the effective and satisfactory operation of the laboratory in terms of management system, quality assurance and technical capacity is an important symbol of the overall strength of a country, and the testing center successfully passed the laboratory qualification review

it is reported that the construction of the testing center took two years. Its mode is: Huaihua Bureau of quality supervision is responsible for the technical force, the operation of quality system and the investment of some testing equipment at this time. Hunan Xianghe wire and Cable Technology Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xianghe group) is responsible for providing sites and large-scale general testing equipment. After completion, Xianghe group can use it to carry out enterprise product quality inspection and innovation

The construction of the testing center is a beneficial attempt and exploration made by the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision based on the actual development of Huaihua and the surrounding wire and cable industry, focusing on the product quality improvement and brand construction of Huaihua wire and cable enterprises. It is also a specific and vivid practice of the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision to implement the "guiding opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on carrying out quality improvement actions" and the Huaihua Municipal Party committee and government on carrying out enterprise assistance, helping the development of the real economy, and improving products and industries by products and industries

according to the relevant person in charge of Huaihua Bureau of quality supervision, the inspection is to ensure that the wire rod is at the center of twists and turns, and the online testing center has successfully passed the review. While achieving the win-win results of improving the performance ability of the regulatory authorities, improving the product quality of enterprises, and expanding and strengthening the brand, it also fills the gap in the quality inspection ability of wire and cable products from western Hunan to Southeast Guizhou, and serves enterprises Industrial development provides more alternative paths. (Xie Jingfu, Shen Honggui)

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