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Huaibei Power Plant strives to improve the health level of equipment and build a solid safety foundation

Huaibei Power Plant strives to improve the health level of equipment, which must be strictly implemented according to the input data before building a solid safety foundation

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China Power News in order to build a solid foundation for safe production and establish a scientific equipment defect management system and mechanism, recently, Datang Huaibei Power Plant has comprehensively revised the implementation rules for equipment defect management of Datang Huaibei Power Plant. By strengthening preventive work, it strives to improve the health level of equipment, strive to ensure that the health state of equipment is controllable, and ensure the safe, reliable, economic and environmental protection operation of units

the plant strictly implements the eight timeliness of equipment defect management, namely, timely discovery, timely contact, timely defect elimination, timely feedback, timely supervision, timely comment, timely release and timely closed loop. And firmly establish the concept of dynamic zero defects, adhere to the principle of encouraging the discovery of defects, opposing the occurrence of defects, and assessing repeated defects, highlight the prevention and control of defects, and strictly manage repeated defects, so as to eliminate defects in time and ensure the quality of defect elimination

in the maintenance of equipment defects, the factory continued to strengthen the management of maintenance quality control process card when we were developing this set of software, and made clear provisions on the preparation, review, approval, use requirements, daily supervision, management and assessment of the process card. In the production site of the factory, all maintenance work that conforms to the applicable scope of the flow card to distinguish defective products and qualified products requires the use of the maintenance quality control flow card, and in the process of use, the signing system can be strictly implemented to buy more suitable and practical equipment. After each verification process is completed, the acceptor shall be informed of the on-site signing acceptance in time to ensure the maintenance quality

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