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Guozhenyan: the domestic transformer industry needs to prevent overcapacity

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the overall technical level of the domestic transformer industry has basically reached the world-class level. However, overcapacity, disorderly competition and other problems still exist, which is also the key problem faced by the industry during the Twelfth Five Year Plan period

a transformer with the same capacity sold for more than 16million yuan two years ago, but now it can only sell for 7million yuan. Xiao Zhang, a salesperson of a joint venture transformer enterprise, complained to me in the. In recent years, due to the serious overcapacity in the transformer industry, prices have also plunged

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, with the development of the industry, the internal environment and market competition pattern of the transformer industry have undergone earth shaking changes. The overall technical level of the domestic transformer industry has basically reached the international first-class level, and the quality is almost the same as that of foreign countries. However, in the face of the 12th Five Year Plan, the transformer industry still needs to prevent universal testing machines from adopting microcomputer closed-loop control to stop overcapacity, and be alert to problems such as insufficient raw materials

prevent overcapacity

in 2009, the domestic transformer output was 1.26 billion kVA. At that time, the demand was saturated, and it is expected that the demand this year will not exceed 1.3 billion kVA. Guozhenyan, chairman and Secretary General of transformer branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association, predicted. Nevertheless, domestic enterprises are building transformer plants

compared with the early stage of the eleventh five year plan, the current domestic demand for transformers has not increased much, while the production capacity of enterprises has increased significantly

Guo Zhenyan felt helpless about this. At present, the transformer industry has a serious overcapacity, with an annual capacity of up to 3 billion kVA. The capacity of the three major transformer manufacturers of TBEA, XD Group and Tianwei baobian alone exceeds 500 million KVA

overcapacity directly led to price decline. Wen xiezhe, general manager of Nantong Xiaoxing Transformer Co., Ltd., told the author: compared with last year, the sales price of transformers this year has halved. Many enterprises have even entered the era of negative interest rates. Guozhenyan said: at present, the profits of conventional power transformer products are declining day by day. In the 1980s, the profits of these products were about 20%, which fell to about 8% in the previous two to three years, and now it is 2% to 3%. The serious imbalance between supply and demand has made the competition in the transformer industry more and more intense, and the price war has become more and more intense. The first thing that came into view was the spread wing humanized technology dashboard of trumpchi GS5 central console, and there has been disorderly competition

according to insiders, some enterprises have to compete for market share with a net loss of more than 17 million yuan. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, some large transformer enterprises are pushing down prices to occupy more market share. At present, this trend has spread from conventional power transformers to special products such as traction transformers

the phenomenon of shoddy goods as good and false as true began to appear in the transformer industry. The product sales manager of a well-known transformer manufacturing enterprise revealed that although some enterprises quote very low prices in the bidding, they can also make profits through various ways. The person in charge of a large state-owned transformer enterprise revealed that in order to ensure profits, some small enterprises even bought old transformers, dismantled old iron cores, processed and sold them. Due to the long production cycle of transformers, the market response inevitably lags behind

according to industry insiders, many enterprises are still producing orders from last year, and many small and medium-sized enterprises have not received orders this year, so next year, there will definitely be a situation of rice free cooking

the expert moves the beam and stops automatically; It is expected that in the next few years, enterprises that are unqualified or unable to get orders will be eliminated due to the continuous improvement of market requirements. According to the analysis of the current situation, the transformer industry may have a reshuffle next year. Industry experts said

be alert to the shortage of raw materials

what is completely different from this year is that in 2008, the domestic transformer output was once tight, resulting in a situation of supply exceeding demand. Zhupeiyong, a technical expert at Shenyang Transformer Research Institute, explained that the reason for this situation is not the lack of enterprise capacity, but the main problem lies in the supply of raw materials and parts

a skillful woman cannot make bricks without straw. Due to the limited supply of silicon steel sheets and the shortage of key components such as on load tap changer and bushing, transformer enterprises cannot start work

transformer is an industry of heavy material and light industry, and the material cost accounts for more than 60% of the cost price of the whole product. As the main raw material of transformer, the output of domestic silicon steel sheet is very limited, and it has been dependent on import for a long time. Rare things are more expensive. The price of silicon steel sheets has soared all the way. Even so, the supply still exceeds the demand. Since 2004, transformer enterprises have suffered from the insufficient supply of silicon steel sheets. The sharp rise in the price of silicon steel sheets in that year has made the survival of many enterprises even a problem

in addition, copper price fluctuation is also a serious problem faced by the transformer industry. Due to the long production cycle of transformer, the copper price changes frequently in the production process, and the price set when signing the contract is often inconsistent with the actual production price. This is indeed a challenge for an industry in which raw materials account for a large proportion

the prospect is still optimistic

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the body level of the whole lubrication system of the domestic transformer industry leading to all rotating joints and moving parts has basically reached the world-class level, and the quality level is almost the same as that of foreign products

in recent years, with the expansion of production of WISCO and the production of silicon steel sheet projects of Angang and other enterprises, the problem of difficult supply of silicon steel sheets has been solved, and the price has been reduced from 40000 yuan/ton to about 20000 yuan/ton at present

in addition to silicon steel sheet, the problem of insufficient capacity of on load tap changer, an important component of transformer, has also been solved. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, because component manufacturers have made great progress, Shanghai Huaming, which produces on load tap changers, has grown into the second largest on load tap changer manufacturer in the world. The expansion of output has solved the problem of the shortage of on load tap changers in transformers. It is understood that the price of transformer components has begun to decline

at present, the shortage of raw materials and components that restrict the development of transformers has been basically solved. This provides conditions for the better development of the transformer industry. Zhu Peiyong said

great achievements have been made in the construction of power lines in recent years. After basically completing the national power construction project with 500 kV UHV as the backbone, UHV power transmission and transformation technology is being vigorously developed

it is particularly noteworthy that in the face of the new trend of world power development, the country has raised the development and construction of smart electricity to the strategic level. The grand plan of smart electricity has brought enough confidence to the transformer industry

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during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, domestic transformers occupy the world's technological commanding heights in the transformer industry. Two figures look at the level: product capacity and voltage level

as early as the beginning of the eleventh five year plan, China has been a large country in the production and application of power transformers in the world, but it is not a strong country. At that time, only a few domestic enterprises could produce 500 kV UHV transformers, and the market share of UHV transformers was basically monopolized by foreign giants

the industry divided the domestic transformer enterprises at that time into three echelons, that is, the first echelon was a joint venture or sole proprietorship of a world-class enterprise in China; The second tier is domestic enterprises with strong strength, including Tianwei baobian, TBEA, XD Group, etc; The third tier is the fast-growing small and medium-sized private enterprises. The development level of domestic transformer industry can be seen from this

with the launch of the first UHV test demonstration project in China, domestic transformer enterprises have ushered in a development opportunity. The voltage grade and capacity of their products have leapt to the first in the world, occupying the technological commanding height of the development of the industry. At the same time, they have promoted the continuous maturity and improvement of low-voltage transformer technology

the overall layout of the transformer industry has also changed. Tianwei baobian, TBEA and XD Group have entered the first tier of the industry and entered the ranks of competing with world-class enterprises

there is no doubt that the reason why the domestic transformer industry can stand in the forefront of the world is due to two main factors: one is the high support of the government for the localization of major equipment, and the other is the UHV project. The unprecedented development platform has won an important place for the transformer industry in the world

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