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Hangzhou Sanhui: see the four tips of science popularization to help you get through the purchase of voice equipment

choosing the right voice equipment is not as easy as buying an apple in the supermarket. In the VoIP communication market, there are many equipment suppliers to choose from, especially if you are not familiar with the applications in the VoIP communication industry, choosing the right one is a headache. Of course, in addition to those issues that we obviously attach importance to in the purchase, such as cost advantages, product performance and other issues, there are also some points that are easy to ignore that we need to pay attention to in the purchase process. Today, let's learn four ways of experimental temperature: the laboratory temperature for impact experiments should generally be within the range of 10~35 ℃ (commonly known as room temperature). About the points that need attention in the purchase process of VoIP customs

the first trick: look at the needs

simply put, the voice gateway is usually used as the conversion point between the communication networks of different protocols to perform the translation tasks required for the mutual communication between the devices of either party. It is a key premise to understand the communication protocols and application scenarios of VoIP customs and other components in the existing system that need to be connected with VoIP customs. Moreover, in the use of products, it can also reflect humanistic care. A function, a button and an interface all reflect the thinking of product R & D personnel. Developing a better carbon fiber composite road, skipping the inherent product functions and characteristics, looking at demand, ease of use, customer experience and industry reputation are all very important links

second trick: look at technology

to ensure the reliability of VoIP suppliers you purchase, Every incoming and outgoing call may be the key to your business success. Therefore, it is quite necessary for you to choose a reliable VoIP provider with technical strength. Sanhui company has a technology research and development team of more than 100 people. Whether in software development or hardware design, Sanhui company has more than 20 years of technology accumulation, and has many product lines such as voice card, switch, voice such as impact, etc., especially in SIP protocol, signaling, voice, and has rich experience. In this regard, Sanhui company is a reliable supplier

the third trick: look at services

almost all purchases will not be completed at one time, especially for hardware procurement, there will always be some large or small technical problems to be solved in the use of products. Therefore, before buying, high-quality after-sales service should be an important factor you need to consider. You must ensure that the supplier can provide high-quality after-sales service, so as to avoid the problem of less technical support after investing a lot of money in purchasing equipment. The transparency of cans made of aluminum foil is not good

Sanhui company, as a leading enterprise communication equipment provider in China, has more than ten offices across the country, which can provide necessary technical support and services to our customers at the first time

fourth move: look at people

this is the last big move. At 2 a.m. in the evening, call the salesmen of Sanhui, and they will listen to your demands carefully. It's OK to chat when you can't sleep. It's reliable, haha

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