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He Guangzhen: like the new but not tired of the old

he Guangzhen: like the new but not tired of the old ---cat ® (Carter) report on the use of various loaders

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in the past 10 months, he Guangzhen has achieved several "major events": in July last year, the quarry located in the suburb of Xuzhou was put into operation and started construction. In the future, it can provide stones for its own mixing plant, and the land leveled after a few years will build aerated brick production plants; He not only bought cat 950gc loader and cat 986h loader; In addition, he was very satisfied with the tried cat 950gc high unloading loader and almost completed the purchase... Various actions showed that he Guangzhen was really ready to "do a big job"

cat escort along the wind and water

in his early years of long-distance transportation, he Guangzhen had to deal with excavators on the construction site. At that time, there were only 4 or 5 excavators in Xuzhou, and the elongation at break of ordinary polymer materials was mostly between 50% and 100%, and the rent was expensive, so the supply fell short of demand. He Guangzhen saw the future of mechanized construction promoting 131.61% year-on-year, so he gave up the relatively dangerous transportation business in 1997 and purchased a second-hand cat 200B excavator with two fellow villagers. This is the turning point of his career. In that era of lack of mechanical equipment, this cat 200B excavator was greatly welcomed by engineering contractors, and he Guangzhen and his fellow villagers also recovered the cost in a very short time

there were not many twists and turns in the subsequent story. With the help of cat equipment, he Guangzhen's career went smoothly, with excellent performance and high-quality service always escorting him. In the past 20 years, he has constantly updated his equipment. At most, he has more than 10 cat excavators, and his projects are all over Xuzhou: countless construction and road projects. Later, he Guangzhen invested in the establishment of a concrete mixing plant, realizing diversified development

time flies, and in a blink of an eye, 2014. After investigation and demonstration, he Guangzhen, who has unique insight, decided to invest in the new environmental friendly aerated brick project again. He has been engaged in the building materials industry for many years and is very optimistic about this project. This time, he is ready to do a big job. Needless to say, in the end, he Guangzhen won the development right of a piece of land located in the suburbs of Xuzhou. He plans to mine the stones in this land first, which can just provide materials for his concrete mixing plant. After the land is leveled, he will build a plant and start his own blueprint

cat 950 GC (high unloading version) loader: brother Qi Fawei

in order to level the land faster, he Guangzhen mobilized almost all of his cat excavators for mining. Not only that, he also purchased a cat 950 GC loader for loading

why did he Guangzhen choose the cat 950 GC loader whose price is higher than that of the domestic brand loader of the same tonnage? Astute heguangzhen solved the mystery for us: with years of experience, he believes that cat equipment has super durability. In the extremely harsh working conditions of quarries, the service life of domestic loaders is generally no more than 3 years, while the service life of cat 950 GC loaders can reach more than twice that of domestic loaders. At the same time, the cat 950 GC loader can significantly save fuel with advanced technology integration. Through calculation, the comprehensive fuel consumption of cat 950 GC loader is about 5 liters less than that of other domestic loaders, and the fuel saving rate is up to 30%. If you work 20 hours a day, you can save about 500 yuan in fuel consumption in one day. You can save more than 100000 yuan a year and 40.5 million yuan in three years. Not only will you earn back the purchase cost of other brands, but also it is expected that cat 950 GC loader can continue to be used under the radiation of rays. He Guangzhen was moved by the longer service life and lower use cost. In addition, the cat 950 GC loader inherits the excellent reliability of cat equipment, which makes he Guangzhen more confident

in 2015, Caterpillar (caterpillar) launched the cat 950 GC high unloading loader, which is "in the same vein" with the cat 950 GC loader, according to the needs of Chinese users. Knowing this information, he Guangzhen applied for a trial at the first time - he wanted to see what the strength of this cat 950 GC high unloading loader was

after nearly a month of trial, he Guangzhen immediately decided to buy! He thinks this cat 950 GC high unloading loader is very suitable for him. Originally, at present, the load capacity of trucks transporting stones in quarries tends to rise, and the subsequent problem is that the height of truck sides is also rising. The height of many trucks has reached more than 3.7 meters. Although the standard loader can barely load, the unloading is not uniform enough, and sometimes it needs to be leveled with a bucket. The cat 950 GC high unloading loader improves the unloading height, which can easily load and unload the stones into the heightened truck and directly into the center of the truck, so that the stones can be dispersed by themselves and evenly distributed in the truck. The loader can complete the loading and unloading on one side without further leveling, and the bucket will not collide with the truck, which effectively protects the truck and bucket and greatly improves the work efficiency. According to he Guangzhen's calculation, when loading a truck with a load capacity of 70 tons, the time of cat 950 GC high unloading loader is nearly 1 minute shorter than that of the standard loader. Although the height has been increased, the cat 950 GC high unloading loader has not lost stability. After nearly one month of trial, there has been no instability of the fuselage and tail caused by the height increase

cat's air filled pipe will float in an arc on the sea. 986h loader: "Big Mac" is coming.

at present, he Guangzhen's quarry has been operating for half a year. He has his own experience as a newcomer to the industry - how to improve work efficiency is the most critical topic. In addition, due to the increasing number of trucks transporting stones, how to improve the efficiency of loading has naturally become a top priority. After rigorous calculation, he Guangzhen decided to purchase a cat 986h loader to achieve the goal of improving work efficiency

when the cat 986h loader entered the quarry, everyone was shocked: the size of a big Mac made other loaders instantly "small". The cat 986h loader in operation even more surprised he Guangzhen - the skilled manipulator only needs 2.5 minutes to fill the truck with a load of 70 tons, and the working efficiency is three times that of a 5-ton loader! Heguangzhen immediately called the cost estimator to measure the fuel consumption. After measurement, the fuel consumption of cat 986h loader per hour was only 30 liters, while the sum of the fuel consumption of three other brands of 5-ton loaders per hour reached 66 liters. In this way, this cat 986h loader can save 1.2 million yuan in fuel cost every year; Not only that, it can also reduce the staffing of four people with only two machine hands, and save more than 200000 yuan in wages

cat 986h loader has more benefits than this. The operator Xiao Wang introduced to us: because it can fill the truck in a short time, it avoids the simultaneous operation of three 5-ton loaders, which means that it saves site space and improves safety; Equipped with earth bucket and rock bucket, it uses earth bucket when loading gravel. When assembling rock bucket, it can directly unload boulders weighing more than 10 tons into the crusher with super power, which saves the link of truck transportation and improves the efficiency again; The left side of the cab is equipped with a neutral (integrated) pedal as standard, which can effectively control the loader to approach the truck when loading the truck, and when the gearbox is in the neutral position, it can make its maximum power act on the working device, so as to improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, reduce the wear of brake pads, and improve the service life of the braking system; The comfortable driving environment makes the manipulator who has driven the cat 986h loader unwilling to operate other equipment again...

like the new and not tired of the old

he Guangzhen, the "big" of cat equipment, currently has 18 cat equipment, including 1 cat 306 excavator, 2 cat 320d2 GC excavators, 5 cat 320d GC excavators, 2 cat 320C excavators, 2 cat 320d excavators, 1 cat 345d l excavator, 1 cat 336d2 excavator One cat 336d2 Xe hydraulic hybrid excavator, one cat 986h loader, one cat 950 GC loader and one cat 950 GC high unloading loader. He loves every cat device as much as he knows. It is commendable that he Guangzhen is brave and willing to accept advanced technology. In recent years, all of his purchases are new cat products. These products uphold caterpillar's excellent quality and integrate the advantages of environmental protection, energy conservation, efficiency and so on. It can be said that they keep pace with the times

talking about the after-sales service quality of the cooperation over the years, he Guangzhen said: "the after-sales service of lixingxing machinery is very high. Once the machinery breaks down, it can arrive at the site in 1 or 2 hours. Our project is concentrated in Xuzhou, adjacent to caterpillar, and the supply of accessories is more timely and rapid." On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Caterpillar's entry into China, he Guangzhen specially sent his simple blessing: "I wish caterpillar greater and stronger in the Chinese market in the future."

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