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Alibaba cloud set up a data center in Singapore to accelerate its entry into the international market. On August 19, Alibaba cloud, China's largest cloud service provider, announced that its Singapore data center would be opened in early September. At present, it has begun the pre-sale of products at this node. Alibaba cloud said that since the beginning of this year, the international business has grown rapidly, and the total business volume has increased by more than four times. After the opening of the Singapore data center, it will radiate the Asia Pacific market with a scale of 10 billion, and provide high-quality cloud computing services for Chinese enterprises going to sea

the Singapore data center will be Alibaba cloud's second overseas data center in Asia, making Alibaba cloud the first Chinese cloud service provider to set up a data center in Singapore. At the same time, Alibaba cloud also announced the establishment of an international business headquarters in Singapore. In order to meet the security needs and functional requirements of today's healthcare market, Alibaba cloud will increase staffing in major markets around the world and work with global partners to promote international business development

the popularity of cloud computing services in Singapore and surrounding countries is beyond our imagination. We can see that the Asia Pacific market is growing rapidly. Yu Sicheng, vice president of Alibaba cloud, said that at the same time, Singapore has high-quality infrastructure and talent reserves. It is the intersection of international sea and land optical cables, which is convenient for radiating into the Asia Pacific region and providing users with high-quality cloud computing services

Singapore data center

at present, Alibaba cloud has six data centers in Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley. The new Singapore data center will become Alibaba cloud's seventh data center in the world, radiating the Asia Pacific regional market including Southeast Asia, South Asia and Australia

in July this year, Alibaba Group announced a strategic capital increase of 6billion yuan to Alibaba cloud for international business development, DT ecological construction and other aspects. After the Singapore data center, Alibaba cloud said that it would set up a second number of data centers in Hong Kong and the United States. Our experimental machines are used by customers all over the country. At the same time, it will set up new data centers in Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East, India and Europe

at the same time, in a marketplace Alliance Program announced by Alibaba cloud, Intel, Singapore Telecom, Dubai meraas, Equinix, PCCW, linkbynet, Hong Kong China gas and other giants have joined Alibaba cloud's ecosystem, covering North America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa

idc data shows that the size of the cloud computing market in Inner Asia Pacific countries, including Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Australia and New Zealand, will reach about $1.6 billion, or about 10 billion yuan, in 2018

according to Gartner data, the cloud computing market in Indonesia, Australia, India and other Asia Pacific countries will maintain 8% to 19% in the next five years. 1 Product specification: hy-0580 (door type) growth rate

at the same time, driven by the the Belt and Road strategy, the Asia Pacific region is attracting more and more Chinese enterprises. According to the World Resources Institute, as of 2013, 68% of China's direct foreign investment has gone to Asian countries

with the acceleration of Chinese enterprises going to sea, more and more enterprises need cloud computing services as infrastructure. Alibaba cloud said that from the perspective of pre-sale, the Asia Pacific market has strong demand. In addition to traditional storage products, the Asia Pacific market also has a large demand for big data analysis products

facing the fast-growing Asia Pacific market, Alibaba cloud Singapore data center will provide a full range of products such as storage, database, security and big data, and will provide international services together with international partners. In terms of price, Alibaba cloud said that its 4 With 800V, 1000V and 1500v3 terminals, the experimental transformer will have more advantages than other cloud service providers providing services in Singapore, and provide users with 24-hour time difference free service guarantee, which is convenient for enterprises to manage global businesses

in terms of security, Singapore data center is T4 level, the highest level of international certification, and meets the highest requirements in terms of availability, power supply, fire protection, etc. The data center will also be directly connected with Alibaba cloud's data centers in Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Silicon Valley, so that enterprises with domestic and foreign businesses can cross the regional gap and manage data at home and abroad without switching operating systems

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