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Hafei Xima pioneered international cooperation in aviation tooling

the composite material consumption of Boeing 787 aircraft accounts for 50% of the structural weight, while the composite material consumption of Airbus A350XWB, a new aircraft model currently under development, will increase to 53%. The actions of the world's two major aircraft manufacturing giants have shown that composite materials are setting off a material and technology revolution in the world's aviation manufacturing industry with their low weight, low cost and good performance, The advent of the "composite era" also puts forward higher requirements for the manufacturing level of tooling fixtures used for aviation with guide plate composite parts on both sides. AVIC Hafei cooperated with Spain SMA company to establish a tooling joint venture Hafei Xima tooling industry Excellence Center Co., Ltd. in Harbin, China, in order to create a precedent for international cooperation in domestic aviation tooling and fill the gap in the development technology of invar tooling

opportunities and challenges in the industrial chain

it is understood that composite materials need to go through high temperature, high pressure, vacuum and other links in the processing process, and its complex B) automatic storage: the process of automatic storage of experimental data and experimental conditions has high requirements for all tooling, and because the tile tooling ensures the production requirements of repeated use with its excellent thermal expansion, it has become a prominent representative of high-end tooling. At present, due to various constraints, China is still unable to independently design and manufacture tile tooling, and all the tooling required for production is imported at a high price, which seriously restricts the development of China's composite industry and international composite subcontracting projects

shoulder the mission of industrial development, seize the strategic opportunity of AVIC industry's integration into the world aviation industry chain, take advantage of its strong composite material development strength and good foundation for international cooperation, and aim at the huge demand for high-quality composite tooling in the world aviation manufacturing industry, Hafei company, with the support of all parties, officially signed a joint venture contract with Spanish SMA company on September 28, 2010. Hafei Sima company Hafei holds 65% and Spain SMA company holds 35%. AVIC Hafei appoints the chairman and three board members, and the vice chairman and two board members are appointed by SMA. The company has general manager and deputy general manager, and has engineering, production, quality from scratch, procurement, marketing, personnel, finance and other departments. On the basis of sharing benefits and risks, the two sides have gathered advantageous resources and started the journey of cooperation with a sincere attitude of mutual trust

take-off and take-off in the dance

with the efforts of the project preparation team and relevant personnel, the work of Hafei Xima company is steady, and the previous experimental process and experimental results can be inquired and pushed forward. In March, 2011, the first batch of registered capital of both parties was in place. On October 4 this year, the overall closure of the plant with a total area of about 15600 square meters was completed, and it is expected to be put into use in early 2012. Up to now, 92 people have passed the interview of hafesima company, of which 33 went to Spain for three-month technical training in two batches in March and may this year. The bidding and procurement of the company's production equipment are being carried out in succession

according to the person in charge of the project, at present, the company's management mode and production process have been determined, and the site and equipment of Hafei tooling workshop have been rented for preliminary operation in early October. Foreign personnel and Chinese employees have arrived to work. Other related work of the company is also being carried out as planned. Hafei Xima will aim to build an excellent brand and improve profitability, innovate management mode, melt cultural differences and achieve rapid and stable development

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