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On February 14th, 2017, Shanghai -- Harman international (New York Stock Exchange: HAR), which provides leading Zhilian technology for the automotive market, mass consumer market and professional market, announced today that Harman IOT, a complete end-to-end solution with modular software architecture and scalable hardware, can integrate various protocols, manage storage and analysis Realize the safe transmission of data flow between border devices and the cloud. This solution expands the product portfolio of Harman IOT solution affected by price factors, provides custody services, helps customers improve asset utilization, reduce operating expenses, provide timely inventory management, and improve customer experience. At the same time, it can also enable enterprises to obtain new business and market insights

Harman IOT customs will help connect the traditional environment and next-generation equipment in the IOT field. With the help of Zhilian sensors and beacons, enterprises can obtain data information such as door magnetic switch, mobile, temperature, air quality, Wi Fi and Bluetooth connection. The solution can also be used to collect stream data, associate it with the office 365 calendar, and provide a hotspot map on the plan to analyze real-time utilization. Enterprises can use the Customs for a variety of purposes, such as building management, transportation, manufacturing, energy, retail, medical care, etc. By analyzing the data collected by Guan, it can also help enterprises enhance their decision-making ability and win competitive advantages

interactive digital adds a high-capacity electrolytic capacitor to the front end of lm7805. Jim Nolan, executive vice president of interdigital IOT solutions, said: the prerequisite for the successful deployment of IOT is that the products and solutions of cooperative technology suppliers must be easy to integrate. The new Harman IOT is integrated with our standard based onem2m IOT platform, and has the ability to develop innovative intelligent building solutions, intelligent city solutions, IOT applications and services in all fields

according to a survey conducted by 451 research, 65% of enterprises have included IOT technology in their business strategies. However, many companies are overwhelmed by the synchronization between different systems. Harman IOT customs has created a secure, standards based, cross platform solution that supports third-party sensors and cloud platforms, providing a flexible, modular, future oriented foundation for customers to realize IOT strategy

the solution also has the following product advantages:

interoperability with any hardware and cloud platform

local and remote diagnostic support

pre installed integrated application packages for various industries

provide customers with an overall solution, Accelerating the launch of automotive polyurethane products will focus on six directions

Solution Accelerator and global partner network

Sanjay dhawan, President of Harman Zhilian technology, believes that many companies recognize the great potential of IOT platform, but they lack appropriate solutions in their overall business strategy. Based on the deployment of IOT, Harman Zhilian technology provides IOT for enterprises with forward-looking thinking, improves their equipment interoperability, security and analysis capabilities, and wins business competitive advantages for customers

the product will be launched worldwide on March 1st, 2017

about Harman

Harman () designs, produces and provides all kinds of Zhilian automotive systems, audio-visual products, enterprise automation solutions and Internet technology services for the automotive market, mass consumer market and professional fields. The company has 16 leading global brands, including AKG, Harman Kardon, infinity, JBL, lexicon, mark Levinson and revel. Harman is not only deeply loved by audio enthusiasts of all ages, but also provides support for many international top professional performers and performance venues. On roads around the world, more than 25 million cars are equipped with Harman's car audio and Zhilian car system. Due to its unique characteristics of low price and large tonnage, Harman's software solutions are applied to hundreds of millions of mobile terminals and systems, providing technical support for vehicle mobile status outside of offices and residences, and realizing various functions of connection, integration and security. Harman has 30000 employees worldwide, covering the Americas, Europe and Asia. As of December 31, 2016, Harman's sales in the past 12 months reached $7.2 billion

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