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Haiyang Hitachi excavator (test address) Longfeng Chengxiang

Haiyang Hitachi excavator (test address) Longfeng Chengxiang - [please choose Hitachi brand machinery]

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product brand Hitachi excavator product model zx200 production City Hefei delivery City Hefei total supply 1 minimum order 1 product unit price 1 unit of measurement product details

Haiyang Hitachi excavator (test address) Long fengchengxiang - [please choose Hitachi brand machinery]: Manager lOOO Zheng

Hitachi construction machinery zx170lc-5a shows comprehensive innovative characteristics, laying an excellent industry influence on 5A series excavators. Since 2007, Hitachi construction machinery has been shortlisted in the annual "Top50" list for many years, becoming an important force to promote the progress of China's construction machinery industry. With the rapid growth of the Chinese market, Hitachi construction machinery continues to introduce technologies and products with good applicability to China, leading industry innovation. The requirements of the State Environmental Protection Administration of China for the emission standards of non road machinery will be formally and comprehensively implemented in 2016, and the environmental protection performance of construction machinery products has received unprecedented attention. In this regard, Hitachi Jianji 5A series excavators have taken the lead in realizing energy efficiency innovation, taking into account high performance and low emissions, which will bring high-value return on investment to customers. Based on its high-quality innovation in the field of construction machinery in China, Hitachi construction machinery's efficient and reliable product solutions will continue to be recognized by the market and become a trusted partner of customers * * *

when it comes to 20 ton excavator, it has always been a popular tonnage model in the domestic market for a long time. For a long time, Hitachi construction machinery has been committed to creating long-term value for Chinese customers, and its products have been praised by a large number of users. As a green and environment-friendly product mainly promoted in the Chinese market, Hitachi zxa excavator is naturally different. It can be called "advance, attack, retreat and defend, and the earthwork capacity is difficult to meet an opponent". What are the advantages of this product? Let me introduce it to you today. The engine has low fuel consumption and high efficiency. Hitachi zxa adopts the original imported Isuzu new engine (water-cooled electronically controlled direct injection type), with a rated power of 113kw. It adopts high-pressure common rail electronically controlled fuel injection system and cold EGR system, realizing high power and low fuel consumption, and its exhaust emissions meet the National III emission standard. This engine adopts high-pressure common rail mode and uses electronic control to accurately control the injection time and amount

make the fuel burn fully, greatly improve the fuel efficiency, reduce the fuel consumption, and reduce the emission of black smoke and other exhaust gases. In addition, Hitachi zxa excavator adopts full computer control and accurate matching, so that the driver does not need to deliberately run in the equipment, which is also the key for Hitachi construction excavator to win at the starting line. The new hydraulic system, Hitachi zxa excavator adopts Hitachi hios III hydraulic system, which can make the front-end working device move more quickly. It should be noted that the new hios III hydraulic system has developed the "excavation speed increase system" and "boom regeneration system" on the basis of the original hydraulic system. The efficient and accurate hydraulic control effectively improves the operating speed of the excavator, and enables the driver to realize a fast and smooth compound operation, which can be easily controlled in both excavation and loading operations. In terms of operation mode, zxa still provides PWR mode with large workload and eco mode with economy and fuel saving. This time, the zx170lc-5a hydraulic excavator of Hitachi construction machinery won the "Gold Award for technological innovation" for its excellent performance, which fully affirmed the outstanding contribution of Hitachi construction machinery in the field of product innovation. The annual selection of "Top50 of China's construction machinery products of the year" aims to summarize and sort out the main hardness testers in China's construction machinery market in the past year, and then formally test the samples after they are in the normal operation mechanism state, so as to explore the new trend of industry development. More than 200 guests from relevant ministries and commissions, associations, manufacturing enterprises, users and the media participated in the selection ceremony. The meridians selection and expert evaluation of 50 products came to the fore and were listed on the "2015 top 50 products of China Construction Machinery". Among the leading products shortlisted in Top50, Hitachi construction machinery zx170lc-5a won the "Gold Award for technological innovation" for its advantages in technological innovation, which made Hitachi construction machinery-5 affect the indicating series excavators to obtain the most pertinent industry recognition. Based on the market success of zaxis-3g and zaxis-5g excavators

Haiyang Hitachi excavator (testing address) longfengchengxiang - [please choose Hitachi brand machinery]

the leasing inquiry of the project management department of the Shuiqing section of zhaole expressway of the Fourth Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Railway 17th Bureau Group announced that our project needs to lease the following equipment. Now we make a public inquiry to the whole society. Please all leasing companies who are interested in cooperation (small scale taxpayers; general taxpayers) quote according to the following requirements: the list of inquiry rental equipment is shown in Schedule 1. All companies should quote according to the format of schedule 2. If there are special instructions, please fill in the "remarks" or add a line in the table. Qualification requirements: the leasing company must be registered with the national industrial and commercial and tax authorities, have the business scope of the inquiry leasing equipment, be able to undertake independently, and have the independent legal personality; Small scale taxpayers must issue a copy or a copy of the inquiry to lease the equipment to prove the legal ownership of the equipment. Abide by national laws and regulations, and have a good reputation. With the ability and good performance record, there is no record in business activities in the past three years. It has a certain scale and good financial condition. Longhaoxing machinery a9e26s729wq2x

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help keep the fuel clean. High quality components and optimized layout design make the maintenance interval longer and effectively reduce the maintenance cost of customers for the equipment. In addition, through the "e-serviceowner's" system loaded with advanced information network, Hitachi construction machinery has introduced the preventive maintenance management of the machine into the electronic information age. Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. shares machine information with customers as a judgment element for regular inspection and maintenance. Once the machine is abnormal, it can also diagnose the cause through the alarm information, and send technicians in time to shorten the downtime. The consite equipped with Zha hybrid excavator is a comprehensive response service system on the construction site developed based on the global service platform, which realizes 24-hour remote monitoring of the running state of the machine, and sends "reports" and "monthly reports", so that customers can control the daily running state of the machine in time

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