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hand in hand Lingyu more than every year | CIMC Lingyu after-sales service Wanli travel again

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after the night rain in the ancient capital, the morning wind blows the clear autumn (1) reinforcement

production adds intelligence and service strives for the upper reaches

thousands of miles to visit the market, thousands of exhibitions

dedicated to customers, Lingyu is all over China

in 2020, all walks of life are facing an unprecedented challenge, as is CIMC Lingyu. In this half year, it has overcome the difficulty of diversification of Jinan gold testing machine, resumed production, removed inventory, and increased production capacity; Change production lines and reduce costs; Focusing on management and seeking innovation, we have embarked on a magnificent road of struggle under the epidemic. Now, we look forward to the future and never forget the past. We make new friends and old friends. In order to give back to new and old customers, listen to the voice of the market and collect product opinions, CIMC Lingyu 2020 after-sales service Wanli trip was officially launched

on the morning of the 19th, with cool wind and autumn rain, the launch ceremony of the "hand in hand Lingyu every year" after-sales service trip was held on the square of CIMC Lingyu marketing company. The six war zones were divided into three teams, namely, the northwest and southwest teams, the Central Plains and North China teams, and the East and South China teams. Each team is composed of personnel from technology, production, quality control, sales, service and supporting manufacturers. They are divided into categories and specialize in technology. They will have face-to-face communication with customers through visits on established lines

market is the only standard for testing products, and customer satisfaction is the only standard for testing work. After sales service is a traditional activity of CIMC Lingyu, but under the epidemic this year, the market presents different characteristics, and our Wanli activity is also advancing with the times

for the manufacturing industry, good products speak for themselves, and good services are also indispensable. CIMC Lingyu's installed capacity of domestic photovoltaic power generation is more than 77.42 million KW, and the after-sales service wanlihang is precisely in line with this original intention. It starts from the heart, goes to all parts of the country, goes to the side of customers, truly understands customers' demands, and understands them. This is the needs of the stability problems of cooperation, and sets up an efficient bridge between Lingyu and customers

through this bridge, Lingyu listens to customers' needs, answers customers' questions, and handles customers' problems, while collecting customers' real voices for the next step of product development, production improvement, quality control, sales service, etc. In this event, customers will also understand Lingyu's new products and design concepts, as well as Lingyu's innovation and transformation and intelligent production line, so as to more efficiently match the needs, achieve "from customers to customers", and achieve win-win cooperation between the two sides


the autumn rain is continuous, and the enthusiasm is not reduced. With the order of Gao fufu, Minister of after-sales service department, CIMC Lingyu after-sales service team in 2020 is moving towards the market and customers! This is exactly -

the whole country is united in fighting the epidemic, breaking the ice and Lingyu first

improve production capacity, innovate and overcome difficulties, and change the high-end intelligence of the production line

be realistic and change, build bridges and exchange honesty for honesty

start again, serve wholeheartedly, promote cooperation and win-win cooperation

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