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The Plastics Association will organize a discussion on the test methods of bio based polymers

recently, it was learned from the degradable plastics professional committee of the China Plastics Processing Industry Association that the degradable plastics special committee of the China Plastics Association and the biodegradable materials working group of the National Center for standardization of plastic products will hold an international seminar in Beijing on September 21 to discuss the evaluation system of biodegradable materials and bio based polymers

many factors, such as the increasingly serious environmental pollution caused by waste plastic products, the shortage of global oil resources and the progress of biosynthesis technology, have made the research and development of biodegradable materials and bio based polymers at home and abroad unprecedented active, and their dosage and application fields are also expanding day by day. The standardization of relevant test methods has thus become one of the hot spots in this field. The international organization for standardization has formulated some standards for determining the biodegradability of materials, and ASTM (American Society for testing and materials) has also published standards for determining the content of bio based polymers. In addition, with the application of biomaterials in medicine and biological tissue engineering, it is urgent to use a rapid detection method to determine the biodegradation performance of the battery of materials at 20 ± 5 ℃ (68 ± 9 ° f). China's research in some fields of biodegradable materials has an international leading level. Studying and discussing the standardization of test methods will help China's biodegradable materials win a more favorable position in the future international trade and avoid encountering technical barriers in standards

experts from the United States, Japan, Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry and Shanghai Institute of organic Sciences of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tianjin Nankai University, Beijing University of technology, Tsinghua University, Ningbo Tian'an and other units whose systems need to be cold transported and stored in barrels will be invited to discuss topics of common concern in the industry in the next 20 (30) years

source: China Chemical Industry News

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