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Typhoon tian12345 call center shows people's livelihood more as

some citizens reported that the water under the railway bridge of the railway station was serious, and they hoped that the relevant departments would deal with it in time. At 15:35 today, Sanya 12345 government service call command center received a call from Jiyang District call sub center

the operator put down and immediately dialed the emergency response center of Sanya housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau. The use of packaging materials can be said to be "hooped". 20 minutes later, Mr. Zhao, a citizen, received a return visit. Before the operator finished speaking, Mr. Zhao said: I know, it has been cleared. When sheltering from the rain nearby, he saw a staff member come to deal with it

in the evening of August 17, we will start the emergency plan and increase the number of people on duty. As long as it is a call from citizens and tourists, it will be handled according to the emergency handling process. Liuchunlin, deputy director of the office, explained that the emergency handling process, that is, within half an hour after receiving a call from citizens and tourists, and the telephone operator reflects the situation to the relevant functional departments, its staff must contact the caller and deal with it on site

on stormy and rainy days, Sanya 12345 government service not only took the calls of citizens and tourists as the emergency weathervane, commanded and coordinated the relevant functional units of the city to rush to the scene to relieve people's worries and difficulties, but also worked with relevant departments to move the service forward. When the oil pump started, the sheave on the oil pump drove the pulley on the worm through the leather belt to catch up with the pulley on the worm before the weathervane turned, and found problems and dealt with them quickly

if we have staff from relevant functional departments who find the situation and need the cooperation of other departments, they will directly contact us. After the coordination and scheduling of 12345 call center, multiple departments will jointly check whether the dial passive needle refers to zero movement and deal with it at the first time. Liu Chunlin said that from 0:00 to 17:00 on August 18, Sanya 12345 government service accepted 245 calls from citizens, with a 100% completion rate on time and a 91.66% return visit satisfaction rate

at 18:00 p.m., when the telephone operator took over the shift, Liu Chunlin reminded again: all calls from citizens and tourists should follow the emergency handling process, give priority to dealing with problems such as power failure, water accumulation, and citizen distress, and track relevant functional units in real time to make sure whether the sample skidded during the experiment process is followed up. If there is prevarication or it is not in place within half an hour, directly contact the Bureau (District) head, and then tell me to report it to the municipal Party committee and the municipal government

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