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Build a platform for self created brand hardware city to build a smart business district

Abstract: "the annual peak tourism season is also the golden sales season. Tourists who come to Yongcheng can not only enjoy good mountains and water, but also take some inexpensive hardware products as gifts for relatives and friends."

build a platform to create its own brand, and Jiyou hardware city builds a smart business district. Since last year, the price of raw materials and freight have increased significantly, and the hardware industry has been under great pressure. When the national market operators were attacked by the "cold wave", the hardware city group continued to increase its efforts to guide the market operators to innovate their business models, build a platform to promote the market in line with domestic and international standards, promote the scale expansion and overall improvement of the local hardware manufacturing industry, and also drive the development of the manufacturing industry in Wuyi, Jinyun and other neighboring counties and cities. In this context, at the beginning of this year, the sales "magic hands" of hardware city have made new achievements

the price of raw materials continues to rise, and generalists calmly cope with the crisis

although it has been rainy recently, the hardware city market has received good news frequently, ushering in the first trading season, and merchants have stood up and achieved a bumper harvest

looking at the two markets, the overall purchase and sales of each trading area are booming, the hardware purchase volume of domestic and foreign merchants is gradually rising, and the demand for medium and high-end products and hardware products with obvious local characteristics of Yongkang has also increased significantly, which also urges operators to further expand categories and quantities, enhance market competitiveness, and facilitate merchants to organize sources of goods

"the rising price of raw materials has compressed the profit space, but the demand for pneumatic tools is still growing steadily. We need to expand sales channels and strive for small profits and quick turnover." Hu Jian, the head of Sanjian tools business department located in the third street of Jincheng market, said that the owner sells polyurethane high-pressure Pu gas pipes, plastic self-locking quick connectors and other products with complete specifications and varieties, which is convenient for merchants to purchase one-stop

in addition, on the basis of consolidating the original customers, improving the production capacity of its own factories and striving to develop regional agents are all powerful measures taken by Hu Jian to deal with the current rise in raw material prices

as one of the few 3A level honest operators in the hardware city, wangtianxia gift firm relies on the overseas market. Last year, under the unfavorable economic situation, it achieved a 20% growth against the trend, and this year is full of orders

"every year, hardware city group will organize large business owners to 'go out', learn from the advanced practices of other markets, and then introduce successful experience." Facing the pressure, Cheng Jiaofeng, head of wangtianxia gift firm, seemed very calm. "After systematic learning and improvement, the monthly sales volume of the firm has achieved steady growth. At present, as long as the production cost of the enterprise is well controlled and the capital flow is fast, the enterprise will have funds to invest in new projects and develop renewable production."

Teng long changes birds to reshape genes, and Jiyou development blows the brand horn

Zhejiang future star hardware electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a business model in the electromechanical industry and a major operator in Jindu market. In 2005, after moving from Jincheng market to Jindu market, relying on the brand effect of Hardware City, the business scale of the store has grown from 2 to 10, which has snowballed into today's brand alliance. Ni Yongxian, general manager of the company, said that since this year, the store business has been very prosperous. These days, it has been even busier. The sales volume of more than 300 franchisees under the company has increased by about 20% year-on-year

referring to the fact that the company's customers have spread all over the country, Ni Yongxian said that at present, the company has signed up with hundreds of suppliers, most of which are from other places except for more than a dozen local production enterprises. In the next step, he is also preparing to introduce several more famous and high-quality products, and continue to develop and expand the business of mechanical and electrical products

speaking of these transcripts, Ni Yongxian said that after the test machine point Rose (or fell), the machine did not respond? The increasing prosperity and development of the hardware city are inseparable. Every step taken by the hardware city is a kind of promotion. In today's environment, merchants generally sound the brand horn. The business philosophy of clearly pricing and not cheating customers has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. I believe that the hardware city will become more prosperous

science and technology connect two regions to create a comprehensive market with lines, belts and surfaces

"one city, two belts" are not far away. In recent years, Jincheng and Jindu markets have gradually formed a zonal distribution in the development. According to the existing stock resources and good reputation, Jincheng market attracts a large number of buyers by relying on the famous "golden business card"; Relying on abundant space resources, Jindu market has effectively promoted the development of tourism industry

although the trading areas are a little quiet, after in-depth understanding, we found that each household has good performance. "Now most merchants receive orders and cooperate with manufacturers to achieve a win-win situation." Cheng Jinping, the owner of Tianma gifts in Jincheng market, said

when it comes to receiving orders, I have to mention the hardware city, but it is a three-year action plan formulated by the e-commerce industry development company. The company has built its own "Shang hardware" e-commerce platform, launched the "Shang hardware" brand, promoted the application of app, guided the consumption habit of "buying and selling hardware, Shang (Shang) hardware", created a "smart Hardware City", and improved the competitiveness of merchants. Last year, on the basis of shopping guide, information query and other functions, we expanded payment and other businesses, so that consumers can feel the convenience and efficiency brought by wisdom and technology

"'smart Hardware City 'is too convenient. If you want to go to a store or find a product, just press the corresponding button. There is not only a clear contact information on it, but also you can turn on the positioning service at any time to realize the navigation function." Knowing that the upgraded version of "smart Hardware City" not only serves all physical stores in the hardware city, but also extends to the whole hardware industry belt of yongwujin, sun Guofa, a purchaser from Jinyun, couldn't close his mouth with a smile. "In the future, I don't need to come all the way to purchase. I can buy and sell online, and some activities are quite strong."

According to Chi Xinying, manager of Jincheng market management company, the market covers an area of 500 mu, with a business area of 330000 square meters, a total of 9 trading areas, 18 professional streets, 15 and correctly used 86 business houses and 70000 square meters of indoor market, with 1260 business households, operating hardware tools, daily hardware, construction and decoration hardware, security doors and accessories There are tens of thousands of kinds of hardware and related products, such as abrasives, electric wire materials, kitchen and bathroom plumbing hardware, electric vehicles, etc

each functional area penetrates into each other, but it can also be divided accordingly. Among them, the first district is mainly engaged in electric vehicles and tourism commodities; The second zone is mainly engaged in lamps and electric tools, and the fourth zone is mainly engaged in comprehensive hardware products; The third and seventh zones are mainly engaged in hardware tools, abrasives and abrasives; Five main security doors and accessories; The Sixth District is mainly engaged in plumbing hardware and kitchen and bathroom appliances

"we have been operating in Jincheng market for more than ten years, and both new and old customers can always find us' time-honored brands'." Wuxiaohui, the head of arrow brand sanitary ware, said that Jindu market and Jincheng market complement each other to form a lock industry chain with high stability, convenient operation, simple protection and other characteristics

the products of Jindu market are well classified, which leads to a large market, attracting tourists in droves.

big garden, hardware culture corridor, Huaxi dam, green plants... I don't know which garden I thought I came to. Like its name, Jindu market feels full of urban charm

"driven by tourism, the number of foreign tourists received by the market has soared, and some local hardware specialties are also particularly favored." Ying Jinchuan, the manager of Jindu market management company, introduced that the market operation area is separated from the middle Xi Road, selling mechanical equipment in the East and metal materials in the West. The business area is 210000 square meters, with a total of 11 professional streets and large business buildings. According to the functional areas, the first street is for measuring tools, the second and third streets are for electromechanical hardware, the fourth street is for fasteners, the fifth street is for electric tools and accessories, the Sixth Street is for hardware gifts, the seventh street is for electromechanical hardware and hardware gifts, the Eighth Street is for electronic appliances, wires and materials, and the ninth, tenth and eleventh streets are for vehicles and accessories

Yang Qiaoyun, the head of Chaoda Gifts Co., Ltd., located in the Sixth Street, said: "the annual peak tourism season is also the golden sales season. Tourists who come to Yongcheng can not only enjoy the good mountains and water, but also take some cheap hardware products as gifts for relatives and friends." At present, it is spring, the temperature is comfortable, and it coincides with many holidays in the first half of the year. Yang Qiaoyun said that the market will usher in a small peak in sales, and some small household appliances, stainless steel products and tableware will be in short supply as in previous years

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