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Plastics play a role in water purification systems

Chicago, USA -- Dean Kamen put forward an idea on how to make people in developing countries use clean water

unlike large-scale government funded projects involving large municipal areas or household filter schemes used by ordinary families, the slingshot water purification system developed by Deka Research Development Corp., which he operates, is specially used in rural areas, and each system can provide sufficient daily drinking water for up to 300 rural people

he said at the annual meeting of the American Association of industrial designers held in Chicago on August 22-24 that their problem is how to bring this technology from Deka's headquarters in Manchester, New Hampshire, to people in need

inventor Dean Karmen and his slingshot water purification system

he said: This is not just about engineering or design. How can we give these things to people in need. He said that to solve this problem, it is not that new materials will become the development direction of plastic enterprises, which depends on the strength of the government or non-governmental organizations, but requires an enterprise with extensive coverage in the world

he said: Coca Cola is an ideal partner. Even in remote villages, as long as there is a place to sell things, you can see Coca Cola's presence if you have some technical use rules for materials by Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. and we have our own unique technical support. Deka and Coca Cola are currently installing a full set of purification systems in communities in Africa and Latin America, including slingshot and supporting Stirling generators, also developed by Deka

Muhtar Kent, chairman and CEO of Coca Cola company headquartered in Atlanta, USA, said in the manuscript: water is the lifeblood of Coca Cola's business. We promise to do our best to supplement the water we consume and return it to communities around the world

perhaps Kamen is best known for his Segway electric car, but his invention history originated from the field of medical care. In college, he invented the first wearable infusion pump and put his autosyringeinc. into use when he was 30 The company sold it to baxterhealthcare. Since then, after the establishment of Deka company, it has developed dialysis system, stendt's impression, IBOT wheelchair, and is currently developing an upgraded version of prosthetic limb

Kamen said that access to clean water and electricity is the most important factor to ensure the health of people around the world. Slingshot uses steam compression distillation -- plastic is used in hoses, pipes and other important parts -- to purify water. After boiling, steam is collected and condensed into clean water. He said the system can use any source of liquid: including rivers, ponds, salt water, and even toilets

the power consumption of this system is less than that of the blower with the passive pointer turned to the maximum energy, but it still needs some power, which is often lacking in rural areas that need clean water

therefore, Deka and Coca Cola also installed the Stirling generator developed by Deka, which can use biogas as as a power source, such as methane in cow dung

Kamen said that these systems must be easy to use in order to function effectively

he said: what you want to design is a simple purification box with only one hose in and out. No chemicals and filters are required, and they should be able to be used continuously for several years without maintenance

in 2012, Coca Cola piloted slingshot and Stirling equipment in five schools in Ghana. The Inter American Development Bank Group and Africa also supported the project. In Latin America, these companies will cooperate with the multilateral investment fund

in the next stage of the project, all partners will do more. Deka will try to integrate the purifier and generator into an 8-foot * 8-foot * 20 foot standard container, which has been mentioned repeatedly in previous articles, to facilitate transportation. The container can also hold a refrigeration device to store commonly used drugs such as vaccines. Eight complete sets of devices have been developed this year, and more devices will be available one after another

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