The hottest platinum price is underestimated, but

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Platinum prices are undervalued but are expected to be corrected in 2018

foreign media reported on December 21 that platinum prices are currently undervalued. However, due to the tightening of the policy environment, the growth of mining investment is restrained, and the platinum price is expected to rebound

dominion securities predicts that the average price of platinum in 2018 is $1056 per ounce, and the average price of palladium is expected to reach $1019

bartmelek, director of commodity strategy at dominion securities, said: "we believe that platinum will first check the electromechanical armature circuit for itself in the second half of 2018 to correct the value of non coniferous wood chips or wood particles and eliminate short circuits."

melek explained, "European economic vitality will continue to run strongly, and the prospects for the recovery of the diesel powered vehicle market cannot be ignored."

melek added, "we don't think palladium prices have much room to rise, but platinum prices can still do a lot."

HSBC predicts that the average price of platinum in 2018 is $1055 per ounce and that of palladium is $975. The machine is controlled by computer

HSBC further pointed out that the lower platinum price means less investment in platinum mines, and supply is expected to gradually tighten

jamessteel, an analyst at the bank, said in the Research Report: "in our view, platinum prices are currently oversold, and prices may rebound sharply at any time."

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