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Taiwan launched electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine

it is reported that Taiwan Caine Technology Industry Co., Ltd. material name: plastic film company recently launched electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine

the electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to induce with the aluminum foil of the food sealing film pasted on the bottle cap, so that the surface of the aluminum foil instantly generates high heat and is transmitted to the heat sealing film. The sealing film and the upper edge of the bottle mouth are quickly fused and combined to the bottle mouth, so as to achieve the purpose of sealing the can. For non-contact sealing, it can avoid the pollution of the sealed items and ensure hygiene

Caine's English Financial Times article said that the machine of electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine is equipped with an aluminum foil automatic detection device, which will automatically warn when it detects that there is no aluminum foil in the bottle cap, so as to prevent the unsealed products from "flowing out of the production line"; The product is additionally equipped with overcurrent, output overload and other protection devices. The whole machine adopts modular components, which is convenient for maintenance, with clear function keys, simple operation, and fast and effective sealing process. Even if the bottle mouth is stained with a small amount of water, oil stains or dust, it can be effectively sealed. It is suitable for the sealing of non-metallic containers such as glass bottles and plastic bottles, and can meet the sealing requirements of various sizes. It can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, chemical and other industries

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