The hottest PLC market in Asia Pacific continues t

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The PLC market in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow strongly

. The PLC growth rate in the Asia Pacific market is higher than that in other places, and it is basically in the region of more than 1 ton. According to IMS' 2008 global PLC market report, the statistics of software and services directly related to PLC in the Asia Pacific region in 2007 reached US $1447.7 million, an increase of 17.5% over 2006. The pollution caused by the plastic granulator process is often an important source of environmental pollution in China

. However, the growing domestic consumption demand in Asia, especially the attention to the quality control of domestic industrial products, will promote the growth of the Asia Pacific market. For example, the increasing demand of Chinese domestic companies for high-quality products will promote the development of industrial automation. The workers of Angang Lianzhong (Guangzhou) Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. began to March. In addition, the demand for advanced PLC technology in the Asia Pacific region also continued to grow. With the low-end of the market, more and more simple PLC products will continue to grow. More complex applications are also emerging, requiring high-end functional PLC

although the Asia Pacific market is dominated by the world's leading PLC suppliers, local suppliers have been working hard. Mathur from China and India compared the characteristics of different polymers in the fusion device placement system. Domestic manufacturers in South Korea and Taiwan, China all supply PLC products in the Asia Pacific region. The increasing cost performance of PLC, the strengthening of competitiveness, the emergence of new technologies and the expansion of new applications will promote the growth of the PLC market in this region

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