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Plastics have made great changes in modern vehicles

plastics have made positive changes in our lives and improved our living standards. Many innovations cannot be achieved without plastics. Eckart Herrmann, an expert from Volkswagen, emphasized the value of plastics to manufacturers. He said: "from the perspective of Volkswagen, plastics have made great changes in our vehicles (1) improved production equipment." For example, thanks to plastic, the invention of airbag has greatly improved driving safety

can even affect the properties of plastics at the molecular level, so as to meet the characteristics required by the final product. Dr. Hans Werner Schmidt, a professor at Bayreuth University, explained its principle: "the challenge in the future is to create molecules, which are self-assembled in a certain sequence to form a specific medium-sized molecular structure to achieve a certain function." Norbert niessner of revolution added that almost anything can be made from polystyrene

the national manufacturing 2025 Industrial Development Fund, which can be put into operation at any time during its establishment, has three core areas for Volkswagen: safety, lightweight and beauty. In every aspect, taking the automobile industry as an example, polystyrene can meet the various needs of consumers, meet their expectations, and enhance the value in most aspects of machine noise

in fact, we have entered the polymer era and will continue for a long time

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