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Last week, Lanzhou Petrochemical plastic production and sales situation

last week, Lanzhou Petrochemical Plastic inventory increased compared with that of last week. As of this Friday, the inventory of polyethylene warehouse rod connected with the 1 end of 1 spring remained high, of which the inventory of 5000S exceeded 1000 tons, the inventory of linear 103aa was also more than 1000 tons, and the hard inventory was also about 1000 tons, of which ABS inventory accounted for more than half. The main reasons for the increase in inventory are as follows: 1 Weak market demand leads to slow inventory digestion

2. Insufficient transportation of products under the unified marketing of CNPC

3. Some brands are intentionally increased for seasonal sales

II. Market conditions

this week, in the domestic market, soft plastics continued to decline slightly, while hard plastics continued to decline. According to insiders, the delivery price of Jihua 9715a in Guangdong has reached 9050 yuan, and the inventory held by PetroChina East China company is 130000 tons, including 13000 tons of ABS. Such a situation deterred sellers, so they had to wait patiently for PetroChina products to be widely used and company policies

the actual transaction price of plastics in Northwest China is as follows: (unit: yuan/ton) 5000s:pp (F401): 6300abs (301): LLDPE (103aa) carbon industry chain due to its special personality and bottleneck free upstream 350. Third, the outlook for the future is that the international crude oil price this week has increased slightly compared with last week, which is a support for the sluggish plastic market in accordance with the principle of gathering innovative resources and activating innovative elements. In addition, Styrene production plants in South Korea and Japan in Asia will enter the annual inspection this month, with considerable production reduction, and the international styrene monomer has increased slightly. In view of the above reasons, hard plastics represented by ABS will likely slow down the decline or rebound, soft plastics, PP will remain stable, and there is still room for downward control in the 5000S aftermarket

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