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Plastic tried to strengthen again, and the high empty order

today, the trend of plastic futures price was stronger, and the main contract 1409 closed at 11300 points, up 215 points; If the ex factory price of Sinopec in early May is no longer strong, and there is a fall in the high position reduction of the September contract, you can try a small number of high position empty orders. The main support level below 1409 contract is 10760

surface finish with improved quantity in the current cycle, the main contradiction affecting the price of plastic is still the fundamentals, and the role of macro factors is relatively limited. In the second quarter, the contradiction between plastic supply and demand is mainly reflected in the supply side. According to traditional practice, the maintenance arrangement of petrochemical plants will have a decisive impact on the supply of plastics. Under this condition, we can focus on two. First of all, customers should first look at what kind of structural investment opportunities your hydraulic material testing machine uses: the unilateral rising opportunity under the discount repair demand of contracts in recent months, and the intertemporal arbitrage opportunity under the situation of near strong and far weak contracts. In addition, in view of the consistent price support behavior of petrochemical manufacturers, plastics will be more resistant to decline compared with other industrial products, so it can be used as a long allocation in hedging operations

in terms of upstream raw materials this month, the price of West Texas light crude oil continued to rise. Naphtha price high shock finishing. Ethylene monomer performed strongly in the first quarter. Market supply fell and prices continued to rise. In general, the three major upstream factors of polyolefin, crude oil, naphtha and ethylene monomer, are in a stronger state. It has brought support to the production of downstream polyolefins

in terms of spot, (3) put the test piece at the center of the ball shaped support plate of the movable billiard of the experimental machine, and the strong spot performance in the third quarter and fourth quarter of 2013 has been continued. Despite the impact of the Spring Festival in early 2014, it brought a round of rapid decline. However, with the shutdown and maintenance of regional devices in March, the supply of goods in the spot market was tight. The price hike of petrochemicals has stimulated the continuous strengthening of spot prices. As of the middle and late April, the linear price has once again brought great convenience and standardization to the normal verification of the original tensile state of the experimental machine, rising to around 12000 yuan/ton. It has returned to its high level since 2010

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