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Platthaus transformer, filter, reactor - make power supply more perfect

mecano electronic components (Taicang) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013. The company introduced the R & D and process technology of platthaus company, a subsidiary of the group, in transformer, reactor, filter and other series of products, and quickly integrated into the Chinese sales market

Through continuous technical accumulation, platthaus now focuses on the development and production of transformers, filters and reactors. The product series covers the protection grade of IP00 ~ IP65, and the cooling mode is formulated into air cooling, air cooling and water cooling according to the actual operating environment requirements of customers. The products are widely used in driving technology, renewable energy, rail transit, marine engineering and so on

design and R & D strength:

relying on the technology accumulation of the parent company, the use of magnetic field simulation, thermal field simulation, fluid simulation and other finite element analysis software and excellent SolidWorks 3D drawing software and many advanced technical tools to continuously optimize and adjust the products, so that the product structure design can better provide the most extensive new technology and new product reports, technology transfer Practical solutions and purchasing information are beautiful, and the stability of electrical performance is further improved

a.3d design

b. finite element analysis

the company's annual R & D and project innovation of modified plastic products independently researched and produced include:

l the share of liquid cooled new products has increased since 2012

l the realization of medium voltage projects

l customized projects: medium voltage + water cooling, reactor sets for rail transit LCL filter for photovoltaic

l finite element the research team of Professor Wu Daming, deputy dean of the school of electrical pilot machine engineering, Beijing University of chemical technology, has carried out the research and development of polymer micro scale manufacturing technology (FEM) simulation support. Our company relies on German technical support and systematic management policy, and adheres to the customer-oriented service orientation, so that platthaus series products can provide Chinese customers with better products Excellent power solutions., The solution of maximum accuracy and high intelligence is our unremitting pursuit

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