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The five power giants set up the Sanjiang war to win 100billion yuan in the southwest. The five power giants set up the Sanjiang war to win 100billion yuan in the southwest Dadu River, Lancang River, Wujiang River, Minjiang River, etc

recently, a decisive battle for hydropower resources in Southwest China, with a total investment of more than 100billion yuan, is being waged among the five domestic power generation giants of Guodian group, Huaneng Group, Huadian Group, Datang Power Generation Group and Three Gorges Corporation. The battlefield is on the Jinsha River, Dadu River, Lancang River, Wujiang River, Minjiang River and other rivers in Southwest China. This will undoubtedly be the most magnificent and powerful wave of hydropower development in Chinese history. Just one quarter before the end of the power split, several giants have successively deployed powerful forces in the southwest and began to interpret a new round of strategic layout of the power industry. Moreover, the decision-making time is so short that it is quite inexplicable

the electricity market is in short supply

relevant statistics show that China needs about 25million kilowatts of new installed capacity every year. At present, only customers in China require us to keep up with 12million kilowatts of new installed capacity every year, which determines that in a fairly long period of time, The electricity market will still be in short supply. Industry insiders also agreed that the electricity market may become more tense due to installed capacity and coal price rise. Major power generation groups have turned their attention to new power stations. Compared with thermal power, the cost advantage of hydropower is very obvious. It is estimated that the operating cost of domestic hydropower companies is generally 0 09 yuan/kWh, while the current thermal power operation cost is about 0.19 yuan/kWh. If the coal price rises, the difference between the two will be further amplified. As a result, the major power generation groups have set their sights on seizing hydropower resources, gathering the vast majority of China's sustainable hydropower resources in the southwest, which has naturally become a decisive battle ground for the major groups

On February 14, Guodian announced that the proposal for Pubugou Hydropower Station project had been approved by the State Council. As a project developed in the Dadu River Basin, Pubugou Hydropower Station will enter the stage of preparing the feasibility study report, which has more incomparable characteristics than other materials. The prelude for several power generation groups to march into the hydropower resources in the Southwest has been opened. Up to now, in Sichuan, in addition to the large number of investment subjects in the Jialing River and the high degree of development, the pattern of Guodian dominating the Dadu River, Huaneng commanding the Minjiang River and the Three Gorges garrison Jinsha River has taken shape; In Yunnan, Huadian straddles the Wujiang River and Lancang River, and resists other giants in Sichuan. Datang and Huaneng have also obtained the development rights of other hydropower projects in Yunnan, which are around. The strategic layout of the four giants and the Three Gorges in the Southwest has been fully completed


in February 2003, Guodian disclosed that it planned to spend 18.5 billion yuan to build Pubugou Hydropower Station. Previously, Huadian also secretly took away the hydropower development rights of Wujiang and Lancang River basins; In january2003, the Three Gorges Corporation also claimed that it would invest 75billion yuan to build Xiluodu and Xiangjiaba hydropower stations; In january2003, Huaneng took away the hydropower development right of Minjiang River; In October, 2002, Datang announced to invest 4.5 billion yuan to build three major hydropower projects in Yunnan

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