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Printing plexiglass and engraving and cutting of letterboards

the crystal clear and colorful plexiglass material is an excellent carrier for printing art advertisements, and it is also a good material for making art letterboards and craft display shelves. Therefore, it has been popular with advertising manufacturers for decades

plexiglass material is a member of the plastic family. Its scientific name is polymethylmethacrylate

(PMMA). It is a thermoplastic with high hardness, good toughness, which can be bonded and printed. It is not only worth hundreds of times in the advertising industry, but also an irreplaceable component manufacturing material in industrial, military and other fields. See Table 1 for its color characteristics and main uses

several links that should be paid attention to in printing plexiglass signs

1 The printing ink should be high gloss, friction resistant plexiglass ink, especially when printing on the surface, matte ink cannot be used, because this ink is not friction resistant and its color is not bright. For outdoor light boxes and signs, imported ink with good sun fastness should also be used to resist strong light and prolong their service life

2. The printing film cannot be replaced by laser print or sulfuric acid paper. It must be positive or negative film output by professional manufacturers. Each time, it is necessary to output an additional blank film with positioning cross hairs. When printing, first fix the blank crosshair film on the glass plate with transparent tape. The gradually rising temperature, friction pressure and rate require that the material meet the requirements of high glass transition temperature (TG). Films of other colors should be based on this, so that the position of the printed version can be consistent

3. For fine edition production, imported photosensitive adhesive with high resolution and imported silk with high tension and low elongation must be selected. For example, famous brand products such as SBQ single liquid photosensitive adhesive and NBC silk produced by Murakami company in Japan, although the price is more expensive than that made in China, the produced version is clear and the edges of graphics and texts are neat. At the same time, it also ensures the accuracy of position during multi-color overprint or four-color plus printing. If the text is too small and the line is very thin, 350 mesh wire can be used. At the same time, it should also be equipped with imported ink or light curing ink that is ground and smooth

4. Printing color matching is generally carried out by relying on the experience of printers. Because each batch of flexible silk mesh number is different, the thickness of photosensitive film is also different, which often leads to the color deviation of prints. "The ink color in the barrel is not accurate, and the true face is seen after scraping on the plate" illustrates this truth. Therefore, each batch of work must be trial printed with the sun dried version, and the samples must be printed. After the customer confirms that the color is consistent with the original, it can enter the official printing

5. Large format pictures must be printed by plate printing machine, and small format pictures can be printed by aspirating printing bench. During the printing process, six consistency should be maintained: a. the multicolor plate spacing should be consistent; b. The scraping speed shall be consistent; c. The scraping pressure is consistent; d. Consistency of ink viscosity; e. The hardness of large and small scrapers shall be consistent during manual scraping; f. The temperature and humidity of the printing workshop shall be consistent

6. The double-sided organic board sign should be made of transparent board and reverse printing method. After the picture and text are printed, a layer of background color will be covered. The bonding between the two poles must use silk screen adhesive. Generally, 80~100 mesh nylon wire and water-sensitive gloss glue are used to make the plate, which can be printed on one side or both sides. When the color of the silk screen glue becomes translucent (about 20 ~ 30min), align and bond the two sides together. The bonding line is not affected by mechanical polishing

7. In order to ensure the accuracy of multi-color overprint, the size of other versions can be appropriately scaled (the scaling size shall not exceed 0.1~0.2mm) on the premise of ensuring that the size of the graphic version remains unchanged. When printing, the deep version presses the shallow version, and the graphic version compresses and releases the version, so that when the organic board is not cut accurately or the manual release is not well connected with the positioning block, it can also overprint accurately

name color thickness (mm) main purpose transparent board transparent 1 ~ 50 reverse printing signs, process shelves, crystal word boards, flat boards with complete colors 2 ~ 10 storefront signs, display boards, process shelves, pearl boards with complete colors 2~4 three-dimensional embossed characters, handicrafts, craft paintings, fluorescent plates with less colors can be customized for special occasions, sand panels have no ready-made plates, and indoor display shelves can be self printed with flat board sand ink Frosted signs

8. There is often a lot of static electricity and dust on the surface of organic chips. If dust adheres to the plate, it will cause incomplete words and color patches and waste products. Therefore, printing must be carried out in a clean room. The dust on the surface can be removed in two steps. First, wipe off the dust on the surface with a damp cotton cloth, and then remove the residual dust with an electrostatic dust removal brush or dust removal roller. When printing, check while printing. If problems are found, clean the version in time before printing

9. The advertising shelves of products (cosmetics, jewelry, watches) in domestic large and medium-sized shopping malls mostly pursue matte effect to set off bright and colorful goods. However, the manufacturer of plexiglass board does not have this board, so it can choose flat board or transparent board to print directly with sand surface treatment ink. After the ink is dry, it can show sand matte effect

10. the size of the organic board shall be cut uniformly, and the adjacent two sides shall have a 90 ° angle and uniform thickness. According to the size of the printed picture, appropriate allowance shall be left. After printing, the excess edge shall be cut. Magnetic white or transparent organic board shall be selected for multicolor overprint or four-color printing. Magnetic white board is used for front printing, and transparent board is used for back printing

II. Processing and production of plexiglass display racks and billboards

woodworking machines are basically used for the processing and production of plexiglass, and the commonly used machines and materials are shown in Table II

1. blanking and cutting: the conventional size of organic board is 1830mm × 1220mm、2160mm × 1220uum, etc. according to the drawings provided by the customer, draw the cutting line on the board, and the drawn size should be 0.5 ~ 3mm larger than the actual size. The plate above 5mm is directly cut with a saw, and the shallow groove can be hooked with a hook knife below 5mm, and then the plate is broken with a knife. When using an electric saw, pay attention to safety. The two people should step in unison and maintain a balanced force. The cutting process is very important. The utilization and development trend of automotive seat materials (cuixiaofeng, engineer of BAIC Motor Co., Ltd.) is related to the smooth progress of the following processes. It must be achieved that the marking is accurate, the nesting is reasonable, and the sawing line is straight

Table II common tools and materials for plexiglass processing

purpose tools and materials cutting electric saws, curve saws, hook knives, hand curve saws, flat hand push electric planers, bench type belt sanders, grinding wheel polishing cloth wheels, bench type belt breakers (cloth surface), flame processors, bending line heaters (heating tubes, heating wires), surface treatment, large-scale, iron models, pressure devices, electric ovens slotting, drilling vertical milling machines Bench drill (hole drill) adhesive dichloromethane, crystal glue, silk screen printing machine, manual printing table, high gloss and wear-resistant plexiglass ink engraving machine (plane, three-dimensional), laser engraving machine

2. Section planing: researchers in the computer science and artificial intelligence laboratory can use a plane to flatten the uneven section of the organic board in the process of trying to produce more flexible printing ink, If there is no electric planer, you can use a grinder to roughly grind it once, and then place it on the belt sander to grind it flat. The thin plates are clamped together with pressure iron clamps at the same time, and planed and ground straight with electric planer or abrasive belt machine. In this way, the work efficiency can be improved and the consistency of the size of multiple plates can be ensured. Professional manufacturers generally have special iron clips to clamp large organic pieces tightly, and then use an electric plane to push them flat. For small-area boards, the effect is also very good when they are clamped and leveled with taiwan tiger pliers

3. polishing: the function of polishing is to restore the brightness of the damaged organic board section. The planed plates are further ground with sand paper, and then polished with a polishing machine. During the polishing process, some polishing soap (green soap and white soap) should be applied on the cloth wheel from time to time to speed up the polishing speed. Transparent organic plates often have various scratches, which should also be polished before printing or bonding. With the emergence of engraving machine, organic board sections have also been polished with flame processor, but the effect is not ideal. It is best to use laser cutting machine for high-quality brand

4. bending: it is often necessary to bend the plates into various angles to process various display frames with organic plates. According to the length of the bending line, several heaters with different lengths can be made by ourselves. The heaters are made of flat square aluminum alloy profiles. Method: first, open a 3~5mm slot line on the upper plane of the aluminum profile so that the heat of the heating pipe can overflow from here. Both sides of the slot line are attached with hard wood plates, which can play the role of heat insulation and non sticking plates. Then, fix the quartz heating tube in the aluminum tube with an iron clip and connect the power line. Where the organic board is bent, use a hook knife to draw a shallow line. In this way, the folded corner line can have both the square and the circle, and the size is accurate. During the heating process, the side of the organic board must be pressed with square wood to make the heating balanced, and the folded corner line will be straight without meat pile or local fracture. For different bending angles, wooden molds with different angles are also required

5. Slotting and drilling: slotting and drilling are often required on the sign panel or display frame. The slotting is performed by a vertical milling machine, which is equipped with various cutting tools; A set of combined hole opener shall be purchased for hole opening. The hole opening task can be completed by clamping the hole opener on the bench drill, and ordinary drill can be used for holes below 13mm

6. Bonding: the commonly used adhesive is chloroform solution. Suck the solution into the needle tube with the injection needle tube, ignite and bond the gap, and the bonding effect is very good. For large-area bonding, crystal glue can be used. The bonding place has high transparency, and the car ride is good. Before using this kind of equipment, strong adhesives such as 502 and 110 are also used, which is also convenient to bond, but the price is slightly higher. In the advertising industry, there are many enterprises that focus on printing and carving and cutting of plexiglass signboards, and they have also achieved good economic and social benefits

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