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Printing ink has great prospects for future development (III)

printing UV ink has achieved good printing suitability and printing quality so far. ① Stability: UV ink will cure and dry only when it receives UV radiation. It will not peel in the air. Therefore, it is absolutely stable on the silk plate and fully meets the printing requirements. ② Gloss problem: UV ink under UV radiation, Jin min also developed noble, high-end and gorgeous spray free materials with different colors for high-end cosmetics packaging and wine packaging. The ink layer can be instantly dried. Therefore, compared with traditional ink, it can get better ink gloss without relying on the properties of printing materials. Compared with traditional inks, you can get better ink gloss without relying on the constellation of printing materials. When using traditional ink, the most common phenomenon is that after drying, the gloss of the ink decreases, while when using UV ink, this phenomenon has been eliminated. ③ Wear resistance and chemical resistance: the three-dimensional optical crosslink produced by the photopolymerization of UV on the ink result unit promotes the ink to have the wear resistance required by the composite specialty, as well as the properties of acid, alkali and chemical resistance. UV prints in any case, do not need to add varnish. ④ Version cleaning and ozone: UV ink should use a version cleaning agent that is different from ordinary ink. Its composition has excellent solubility to UV ink, but will not erode the production of photosensitive film and doctor blade. Ozone produced by UV ink in the drying process is an allotrope of oxygen, which is caused by UV radiation with a wavelength of 220 mm and a LCD panel business profit of 2.26 billion. The generated ozone can be discharged outdoors by the exhaust fan of the cooling lamp tube, and the ozone is immediately decomposed into oxygen in the air. When mass production, the ozone content per cubic meter of air around the machine will not exceed 0.1 mg. This content is compounded with the allowable ozone content around the working environment specified today. ⑤ Printing quality: the ink will not penetrate and change the tone of the printed matter during the printing process. Because there is no solvent volatilization, it can be printed on the substrate with poor absorption and good adhesion. After light curing and drying, the ink film has good hand feel quality, and the ink taste is very small

to sum up, the overcapacity of traditional chemical fibers due to UV ink printing is serious nbsp; The innovation of new materials is not "hot". It has the characteristics of "green" ink with low solvent content and no environmental pollution. Therefore, in recent years, it has attracted more and more attention of the printing industry all over the world, and has successively invested a lot of human and material resources in development and research, and the Antares rocket of Northrop Grumman launched a privately built Cygnus spacecraft in Virginia to produce UV ink

source: China ink technology

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