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There are many opportunities for silk printing

Germany is a leading manufacturer of silk printing equipment

the rapid development of prepress technology has had a significant impact on silk printing, and the problems it causes are also very similar to offset printing, such as digital transmission, apple/windows system compatibility, color management and point expansion curve. The Fogra Printing Technology Research Institute in Munich, Germany, has fully studied the color management, proofing technology and dot occurrence frequency in the process of silk printing

a suitable point enlargement curve can improve the standardization level before printing, but describing the characteristic curve of different substrates and inks in silk printing is a very waste of time and money, and many printing plants can't afford such a burden. The production mode of templates is also positively affected by the sustainable development of new silk screen printing brushes

The emergence of high mesh cloth has set a unified standard for the production of silk printing templates. Before long, the diaphragm will also be used in the production of conventional templates. As for ordinary exposure, thermal exposure or digital printing of the diaphragm, it mainly depends on the specific problems and production capacity of different printing plants. At present, computer direct plate making technology has been widely used in the process of large format printing, and the format of some products even exceeds 1 × 2m。 Using computer plate making technology is to spray emulsifier on the positive picture to produce a printing plate, which is more accurate than 1. Cement pressure testing machine is a high-tech mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated product. To realize the environmental friendliness of functional materials, we should first realize the greening and non-toxic of plastic additives. The operators should be trained in advance and master the operation essentials. After passing the examination, they can operate the testing machine. The printing plate produced with small negative pictures is more accurate

the technology of direct exposure of emulsifier with laser is now also applied in the field of CD printing. At the upcoming fespa 2007 exhibition, we will find many new systems. I hope this technology can achieve greater development in the future, even though it is not as fast as the computer direct plate making technology in the offset printing field

nowadays, Germany has become a leading manufacturer of silk printing equipment. Many manufacturers of platform type, drum type, container type printing machines and special printing machines have begun to develop printing machines of various formats suitable for monochrome and color printing markets. In addition, they have also developed customized printing machines for industrial fields (such as printing on glass) and standardized printing machines for image printing

I hope to see special printing of small format in the future (e.g. 50 × 70cm or 70 × 100cm), so that people can use it to improve the printing speed of self-adhesive and paperboard. With the development of UV curing ink, more and more UV curing production lines will be put into production, which will greatly save the space of the production workshop

silk printing that inspires you

post press processing and special effect inks are also an eye-catching market. Silk printing has the possibility of using larger particles of pigment and having a thicker ink layer, which should be better used in the future. In addition, the application of aromatic ink in the field of safety printing is an eye-catching market, and this technology has also been continuously developed in industrial printing. The surface effect on the matching box can be achieved by silk printing on the offset page

people have developed many papers and paperboards with special surface effects and structures that can only be printed by silk printing technology. In addition, people can also use silk printing technology to print bright colors on dark substrates. For example, colored polycarbonate materials such as priplak can be carved and decorated by silk printing. Then, they can be made into beautiful folding prints and covers

special effect printing can improve the value of printed matter. Special inks or coatings help to reflect the texture and characteristics of printed matter. This kind of printed matter can attract more people's attention. This trend is becoming more and more obvious. Many packaging products, advanced business reports and company manuals have adopted this post press processing method

the German silk printing association collected many interesting special effect silk printing samples into a book. In this book, you can see the mixed printing effect of UV matte or gloss oil and offset printing, the printing effect of scratch resistant varnish, scratch resistant ink, texture coating, sunlight and fluorescent ink, metal and pearlescent ink, flashing ink and the inclined printing effect common in cars - the ink printed in this way can show different colors according to the angle you observe. The book also introduces braille printing, printing on dark paper, fragrance color printing, water-based adhesives and ordinary adhesives

such a sample book is the basis for you to generate new inspiration and obtain production opportunities. Those who often cooperate with silk printing factories should meet the following requirements: if designers can verify the feasibility of these technologies, they can create new products

silk printing with diversified functions

today's modern silk printing plants must have the most advanced printing equipment and technology to meet the changing production needs of customers. And we must have enough cultural heritage and be able to freely use these new technologies; At the same time, employees should be trained and encouraged to complete production tasks within the time specified by customers. In addition, the company's self promotion and establishing a good relationship with customers for a successful business are equally important

the market opportunities faced by silk printing plants are diverse. They can produce industrial products as well as develop personalized products. Of course, it can also be for customers 6 Experimental force persistence and persistence time: arbitrarily set and provide post press processing or special effect services, or consolidate their position in the market with the help of different silk printing opportunities. Every company must accurately position itself and make decisions that others cannot and will not replace

for a diversified production process such as silk printing, we cannot find the only answer to this problem, but we must consider all aspects of this process and the opportunities it contains, so that we can imagine its potential development direction

from any perspective, the future of silk printing is bright. Its combination with other printing technologies can not only inspire people with new inspiration, but also make the silk printing market more diversified. (the author is the president of the European silk printing association)

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