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Silk lubricates some parts of the printing industry in China (IV)

IV. silk printing and inkjet printing complement each other and develop together

in recent years, digital inkjet imaging technology has developed rapidly, especially large format multicolor inkjet machines and platform inkjet machines are very popular in the market. According to the import and export statistics of China Customs, 3968 inkjet machines were imported and 18 were exported in 2001; In 2002, 8609 sets were imported and 577 sets were exported; In 2003, there were 11209 inkjet printers imported and 2572 exported. In China's total import of printing machines, in addition to the sheet fed offset press and web offset press, which rank first and second in import volume, it has become the third largest imported printing machinery and equipment, and is also the fastest-growing industry in China's printing machinery manufacturing industry. It can be seen that the market demand for inkjet imaging technology and equipment in China is growing rapidly. Recent international statistics show that the total output value created by inkjet printing in 2004 has reached 8, but it is suitable to dry and form; US $200billion, including US $200billion in commerce and publishing, US $320billion in packaging, US $80billion in outdoor advertising, US $120billion in special supplies and US $80billion in textiles. In 2004, the market share of ink-jet printing in the world was no longer a small part. It accounted for 18% - 23% of the market share of Commerce and publishing industry, 0.5% - 1% of the packaging market, 20% - 25% of outdoor advertising, 1% of special supplies, and 1% - 2% of textiles. It is predicted that the market share of experimental machines with different prices in the above five fields will continue to grow by 1% - 20% by 2009. At present, many experts at home and abroad have made some comments and predictions on the development prospect of digital ink-jet imaging technology. Some experts believe that digital ink-jet imaging technology is expected to become a basic printing method in this century. It will become the fifth printing method in the world alongside flat, convex, concave and hole printing - plate free (pressure free) printing method

it can be seen from the above statistics that the development of inkjet printing has had a huge impact on the current printing market, which affects not only silk printing, but also lithography, gravure and flexographic printing. In the era of digital printing, all printing methods are facing the test of rebirth. In the face of challenges and competition, only by giving full play to their own characteristics and advantages, continuous reform and innovation, can they complement each other, promote each other, and keep pace

at present, outdoor advertising has a great impact on the printing market. According to international statistics, the output value of digital ink-jet printing in outdoor advertising reached US $80billion in 2004, accounting for 20% - 25% of the printing market, and is expected to account for 40% - 45% by 2009. This shows the great development potential of the world outdoor advertising printing and processing market, and also shows that printing still accounts for 50% - 75% of the market share in the outdoor advertising market. As early as 1997, the president of Witt inkjet machine company predicted at a report meeting at the Beijing advertising exhibition that the share of digital inkjet in the outdoor advertising market will soon exceed that of silk printing. Moreover, it is vividly compared that silk printing has been shot into the heart by a bullet in the outdoor advertising market, which is just a kind of inertia to keep them going. Although the above prediction that outdoor advertising will be regarded as a sunset industry has not been fulfilled, the wide application of inkjet printing machines has indeed had a huge impact on the outdoor advertising market, so it has also caused some printing owners to worry about whether outdoor advertising printing will be squeezed out of the market by computer inkjet printing, and whether it will someday be replaced by digital inkjet printing. This issue has become a hot topic of concern not only in the printing industry, but also in the whole printing industry. The view of most industry leaders and people from all walks of life is that all printing methods have their own inherent characteristics and development advantages, and the market demand is the driving force for their survival. The conclusion drawn by the international printing community from practice is: in the future, printing and digital inkjet will complement each other and develop together; Making full use of digital technology to transform the traditional printing process, especially the digital plate making process, will promote the development of silk printing

the current outdoor advertising market is the most competitive market between printing and inkjet printing (inkjet printing). In the fierce market competition, the outdoor advertising industry still maintains a market share of more than 50%. It relies on the following printing characteristics and technological innovation:

① the printing adaptability of outdoor advertising is excellent. It can print any advertising substrate (advertising carrier) of different materials, and all kinds of inks, printing materials or coatings required by outdoor advertising can be printed according to the opinion of the research team. This characteristic determines that ink-jet printing (inkjet printing) with specific requirements for substrates and inks cannot completely replace silk printing

② printing outdoor advertisements has the characteristics of thick ink layer, strong three-dimensional sense, bright colors and strong visual impact, which cannot be achieved by inkjet technology at present

③ printing outdoor advertisements, especially large format outdoor advertisements, is fast. It takes only a few seconds to print a large-scale outdoor advertisement with silk, while it takes more than ten minutes to spray paint an outdoor advertisement of the same size. With such a large printing speed gap, it is difficult for the latter to completely replace the former

④ the price of printing outdoor advertisements in large quantities (more than 50 copies) is lower than that of spray painting. The cost of painting a large format outdoor advertisement is about 400 yuan. Painting 100 copies costs 40000 yuan, while printing 100 copies only costs more than 10000 yuan

⑤ the technological innovation of printing outdoor advertising industry is reflected in two aspects: one is the use of digital plate making, that is, the aforementioned inkjet printing plate making method, which saves labor, time and materials, and saves 60% of the cost of plate making compared with traditional plate making; The second is to use inkjet printer for low printing orders to realize digital printing. In the processing business, the two printing methods complement each other, so that enterprises can win the market and increase revenue

to sum up, digital inkjet printing will continue to improve and develop, and digital technology will promote the progress of printing and other printing technologies; China is the largest market of printing industry in the world. At present, there is still broad development space and huge market potential. In China, both digital ink-jet printing and silk printing are sunrise industries, and they will go hand in hand to create a brilliant future for the world printing market

Author: Beijing Institute of printing technology

source: special printing

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