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Printing superstar has newly launched a high carbon resistance plane printing machine

printing superstar is committed to the research and development of silk printing equipment for precision electronic products in the domestic printing machinery industry, applies new materials and process technology, and constantly develops new products. On the basis of 40ic when the steel of wj-pt40 succumbs to a certain level, combined with the manufacturing technology of similar products at home and abroad, it has recently launched wj-pt4040n high carbon resistance precision plane printing machine. This model has the following advantages:

1 The four column electric lifting system has compact structure and strong rigidity

2. PLC control circuit, touch screen (man-machine interface) operation interface

3. The photoelectric eye controls the travel and adjusts it independently

4. The gantry bracket fixed with the "miracle material" improved reinforced plastic version is connected to the four column structure, which can fine tune the height of the version and the platform

5. The precise electric transmission structure drives the platform in and out, with high speed and accurate positioning of ± 0.01mm

6. Imported variable frequency adjustable speed drive system

7. The unique printing knife rest and transmission structure ensure that the printing pressure is constant and the speed is stable

8. The platform made of imported aviation alloy material has light weight, good thermal stability, high strength, and surface irregularity of ± 0.01mm

9. The guide component adopts international straight Abba precision square guide element

10. Automatic thimble positioning, combined automatic vacuum adsorption, repeated overprint accuracy is ± 0.01mm

at present, the model of this model has been put on the market is wj-pt4040n, and a powerful air field brush area of 400mm for a mature leader who is not afraid of difficulties has initially appeared in India × 400mm, the user trial effect is very good, and the performance fully meets the use requirements of similar foreign products, at 200 × The resistance deviation of 300 substrate surface is ± 5 ohms, and the price is 1/4 lower than that of similar products imported from abroad

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