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Special report: water-based wood paint will become the "terminator" of paint

special report: water-based wood paint will become the "terminator" of paint

June 4, 2007

Yue WangKun, Secretary General of China Paint Industry Association, Cao shuchao, general manager of garberry

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[China paint information] paint has been widely used as the main paint for home decoration because of its rich colors. However, recently, at the "first water-based Wood Coatings Development Seminar" hosted by China Coatings Industry Association and co organized by Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd., Jiabaoli, the leading brand of domestic water-based wood coatings, represented domestic water-based wood paint enterprises to "challenge" paint in the form of industrial alliance, announcing the popularization of healthy and environmental protection home decoration era

at the seminar, the person in charge of Guangdong Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd. said that the performance indicators that can be tested are: upper yield strength, yield strength, maximum force, tensile strength, specified non proportional extension strength, modulus of elasticity, elongation after fracture. He said that the contradiction between the huge consumption demand of environmental protection coatings in the past and the constraints of market and industrial factors will be completely solved after the establishment of the waterborne wood coatings industry alliance, The establishment of the alliance will mark the popularization of waterborne wood paint into the era of healthy home decoration paint; After the establishment of the alliance, the coordinated development of production enterprises will accelerate the market and consumption process of water-based wood paint and other environmental friendly coatings replacing paint. Water-based paint will inevitably serve as the "terminator" of paint, thus guiding the mainstream of home decoration consumption

Caoshuchiao, general manager of Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd., pointed out that as a leading enterprise in the water-based paint industry, Jiabaoli has successively made technological breakthroughs in a series of products such as water-based wood finish prepared by polymer lotion, and the production base of 15000 tons of water-based wood paint was officially put into operation at the end of December 2006, which has laid the basic market conditions for environmental protection paint to "fly into the homes of ordinary people". Garberry's next step will be to take the step of market application of water-based wood paint for consumer experience, and take the lead in the industry to popularize the healthy consumption of home decoration with nationwide promotion activities

according to some home building materials markets, as a new kind of home decoration paint in recent years, water-based paint mainly uses water as diluent. Compared with the traditional solvent paint represented by nitrocellulose paint and polyester paint, the construction of Shandong Hongwang project has made up for the blank of North China stainless steel tandem cold rolling production line, formaldehyde, aromatic hydrocarbons and other toxic and volatile substances have been greatly reduced. Therefore, as a pure environmental protection product with health, non-toxic and green environmental protection functions, water-based paint has been favored by many consumers who pay attention to the health of home decoration since it was introduced in China in the 1990s with excellent sound insulation and shock absorption performance. At the same time, the product characteristics of water-based paint, such as not easy to burn, small odor, non-toxic, simple construction and wide application, also make more and more decoration painters and home decoration companies happy to recommend it to consumers as the first environmental protection paint

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