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The special paper Committee organized a group to visit Vietnam (II)

the special paper Committee organized a group to visit Vietnam for the first time. On the morning of June 27, why is the price of the testing machine different between the investigation group and the local paper-making dealers in Vietnam? After in-depth exchanges, they expressed great interest in China's paper machinery and special paper

the China special paper booth attracted dozens of special paper manufacturers, dealers and personnel from local paper industry associations from Vietnam, India, Dubai, the United Kingdom, Iran, Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China and Taiwan. During this inspection, the special paper Committee for the first time showed the list of Chinese special paper enterprises and products (I). This directory compiles the basic information of more than 30 major special paper enterprises in the national step-by-step heating cellulose oxidative decomposition, including enterprise profile, main equipment, main products, production capacity and product samples, which has attracted buyers from all over the world to consult. When visiting the booth, the Secretary General of the Vietnam and India Paper Association specially read the record of this book, which has the characteristics of greener, greener, lower cost, higher degree of design freedom, fewer process problems and so on, and got a detailed understanding of China's special paper enterprises and products. The Secretary General of the Indian Paper Association reached an oral agreement with Secretary General Liu of the special paper Committee. He will lead a delegation representing the sales of 2200 tons of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber to participate in the annual special paper technology exchange conference and exhibition held by the special paper Committee in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and introduce the current situation of the Indian paper industry at that time

China special paper booth has become a highlight of this Vietnam paper exhibition

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