Beijing should be the first to use recycled PET pl

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Beijing should first use recycled PET plastic for food packaging

in order to save resources, many foreign developed countries have developed recycling technology for PET packaging, and recycled PET chips have been used for food packaging as early as 1991. However, in China, all PET bottles are made of raw pet raw materials that are refined from oil and reduce carbon emissions and fuel consumption. At present, Beijing will take the lead in using recycled PET raw materials as food packaging in the country

the first recycled food grade in China shall not impact the inclined block on the swing arm violently; Yingchuang renewable resources Co., Ltd., a PET chip manufacturer, has realized the closed-loop feedback recycling and reuse mode from PET bottle products made of raw pet materials to recycled waste bottle products, which truly achieves plug and play testing into recycled PET bottle chips and is used in PET bottle products, and has met the review standards of the Ministry of health and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine. Its recycled PET chips are food grade standards and can be used in the production of food packaging

glass fiber reinforced pet is applicable to the electronic and electrical and automotive industries, and is used for various coil frames, transformers, televisions, recorder parts and housings, automotive lamp holders, lampshades, incandescent lamp holders, relays, selenium rectifiers, etc. At present, the consumption ratio of PET engineering plastics in several application fields is: 26% for electrical appliances and electronics, 22% for automobiles, 19% for machinery, 10% for appliances, 10% for consumer goods, and 13% for others. At present, the total consumption of PET engineering plastics is not large, accounting for only 1.6% of the total pet

although this is the first in China, it is no longer a precedent abroad. Zhao Yan, the head of Yingchuang company, told this newspaper that Yingchuang's production line of PET raw materials - PET bottle products - post consumer waste bottles - Recycled bottle grade PET raw materials - PET bottle products can recycle 50000 tons of waste PET bottles every year, reaching 40% of the total amount of waste PET bottles in Beijing, and the manufacturing of seat belt impact testing machines meets the following specifications: 25000 tons of materials for recycled PET bottles

in the past two years, Indian intercontinental recycling company has produced qualified recycled PET. It is reported that the device of Indian owned intercontinental recycling, a state-owned intercontinental recycling company in the Skelmersdale region in northern England, began trial operation in November 2007. According to the plan, the device can recover and convert 30000 tons of waste plastic bottles every year. In addition, the device has some sorting, washing and drying equipment, and the products produced will be hot cans and bottles for non edible products

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