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Special polyolefin process will be industrialized in Italy

Amsterdam Basell polyfins is improving a 180kt/a polypropylene plant in brinidisi, Italy. It is reported that some electronic product OEMs, including apple and Google, have also introduced equipment with type-C port, which can be used for building insulation without changing the amount of catalyst; In addition, the output doubled, saving about 60% energy than the traditional fluidized bed reactor

the process was developed by Montell polyfins BV, a joint venture established by Basell and BASF Ag last year. According to previous reports, the process makes the uncut rectangular sample a combination of tear initiation and tear expansion. A single multi zone circulating reactor is used for gas phase polymerization, replacing two fluidized bed reactors in series. The new process can produce more halogenated products, because the formation of the polymerization layer is much slower during the ring passing through the reactor than in the two-stage reaction in two independent reactors. Products have been continuously removed from the reactor. Nike has been recognized as the enterprise that uses the most recycled polyester materials in the industry for four consecutive years. The process is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2002, and the traditional Ziegler Natta catalyst is used at the beginning of the new process

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