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Special printing exhibition: deeply cultivate the differentiated market

in today's increasingly competitive printing industry, does the convergence of products make you feel more and more threatened? In order to find new growth points, have you exhausted all your skills? Are you dissatisfied with the financial benefits generated by your investment? Come to Hangzhou in November and find your cheese with differentiation

2006 China International special printing and intelligent identification (RFID) technology exhibition will be grandly opened in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 11 to 13, 2006. How to measure and choose in many industry exhibitions is a problem that every printing manufacturer is thinking and choosing. Usually, in addition to the qualifications and service level of the organizers of a successful printing exhibition, professionals will predict and evaluate the final publicity effect of the exhibition from the advertising breadth and strength of a printing exhibition and the organization of buyers in the later stage. Effective visitors, or buyers, are the fundamental guarantee for the success of the printing exhibition. In this regard, special printing exhibition uses five advantages to build a run-up platform for you and create a high-yield investment opportunity for printing

hosted by authoritative institutions

generally, the deep combination of industry associations, professional exhibition institutions and professional publicity media is the golden rule for the success of the exhibition, and the qualification and service level of the organizers are the premise to ensure the success of an exhibition. This "special printing exhibition" is hosted by the China Printing Technology Association and Hong Kong Galway exhibition promotion Co., Ltd. Founded in 1980, China Printing Technology Association is the earliest association with both technical and industrial functions in China's printing industry. It has professional branches such as commercial paper printing 2, copper tube pulse fatigue life testing machine data collection brush branch, gravure printing branch, flexographic printing branch, silk printing branch, digital printing branch and so on. China Printing Technology Association is the founding member and governing unit of the world printing and communication forum. It is the initiator of the Asian printing technology forum. It has successfully held the seventh world printing conference, the fourth annual meeting of the Asian printing technology forum and other international events. It is one of the well-known professional associations in the industry at home and abroad. In 2002, with the approval of the General Administration of publication and the former Ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation, the China Printing Technology Association was qualified to hold international exhibitions. Since 2003, it has jointly held the triennial "China International all printing exhibition" with relevant parties. Hong Kong Galway exhibition promotion Co., Ltd. is a professional exhibition company that has been engaged in organizing international exhibitions since 1980. In the past 25 years, Hong Kong Galway exhibition promotion Co., Ltd. has cooperated with many parties to undertake various professional exhibitions of printing and packaging in Beijing, Shanghai and other places, and has accumulated rich experience in building exhibition brands. Due to the remarkable achievements of the exhibition, Galway is deeply loved and praised by exhibitors

this "special printing exhibition" is the development of the exhibition concept of China Printing Association to hold characteristic exhibitions, display the charm of printing, extend the industrial chain, and convey the charm of culture. It is a new exploration of its exhibition mode. As the earliest and most influential industry association in China's printing industry, the China Printing Association can fully mobilize existing resources and ensure the participation of printing enterprises all over the country through the national general mobilization through the strength of printing associations and printing offices of publishing bureaus in all provinces and cities. The development of special printing is not only the focus of attention in the printing industry, but also the topic of concern in many fields in the future. This exhibition will fully cooperate with various industries through the strength of the commercial paper printing branch and other branches under the China Printing Association, and strongly invite representatives from many commercial fields and governments, such as advertising, plastics, daily necessities, cosmetics, food, toys, clothing, taxation, public security, banking, to participate in the exhibition. At the same time, it has carried out in-depth cooperation with printing industry associations in the Yangtze River Delta. Shanghai Printing Industry Association, Jiangsu printing industry association, Zhejiang printing association, Hangzhou printing industry association, Wenzhou printing industry association, Ningbo printing industry association, Jinhua printing industry association, Shaoxing printing industry association and Jiaxing printing industry association, as the co organizers of this special printing exhibition, said that they would make every effort to help run the exhibition well. In addition, the organizing committee won the full support of the government departments in charge of the printing industry in the host place of the exhibition. With the joint support of the local government departments and associations at all levels, this special printing exhibition has opened a perfect prelude

specialized media and institutional contractors

the commercial paper printing branch of China Printing Technology Association is a branch under the leadership of China Printing Technology Association. It is an industrial association organization voluntarily initiated and participated by entrepreneurs in the commercial paper printing industry. The directors of the branch are all composed of factory directors and managers of enterprises, without any official color. The branch has more than 200 unit members, which are basically backbone enterprises in the field of commercial paper printing in China. In order to promote the technological progress and trade cooperation of China's commercial paper printing industry, it has been an unrealized wish of the branch since its establishment to hold an industry exhibition. This time, the commercial paper printing branch undertook the important task as one of the organizers. China Printing magazine has more than 20 years of media operation experience, and its "China printing" magazine and "China Printing Yearbook" are representatives of the mainstream media in the industry. The magazine has been very active in the market in recent years, and has undertaken the "Yangtze River Delta Printing Industry Development Summit Forum", "Bohai Rim Printing Industry Development Summit Forum", "integrity in action", "China printing industry Integrity Construction Summit and the first batch of national integrity printing enterprise commendation conference" "The first China printing machinery brand (user) satisfaction survey large-scale public welfare activities" and other large-scale industry activities have had a wide and far-reaching impact in the industry on the one hand, on the other hand, they have accumulated rich experience and manufacturer resources for the magazine, and laid a solid foundation for expanding influence and the market value of media brands

from the beginning of the exhibition, the organizing committee has established a good cooperative relationship with major professional media across the country, and thus built a strong publicity network. In "China Packaging News", "China Electronic News", "automatic identification technology and application", "China label", "China printing", "China Packaging", "printing today", "printing magazine", "silk printing", "printing technology", "Guangdong packaging", "Sino foreign printing and packaging", "China printing industry", "China Packaging", "Huicong", "Bisheng" "International packaging in the future, about 1/4 of the world's R & D activities will be carried out in the Asia Pacific region", "Greater China Printing Art", "China India", "China paper", "China commercial paper printing", "RFID radio frequency express", "RFID world", "China Radio Frequency", "RFID China Forum", "China Exhibition and trade", "China Exhibition", "China Packaging Exhibition" Dozens of print media and online media such as China logistics equipment put advertisements and released information. The media of all industries have given high attention and positive coverage to the "special printing exhibition"

with the approaching of the exhibition, the organization of the exhibition has also entered a new stage. The organizing committee has formulated a media strategy of "opening up large-scale columns, integrating resources from all parties, and long-term guidance and publicity" to promote all-round publicity and create benefits for exhibitors. The organizing committee publicized this special printing exhibition in a three-dimensional and all-round way on a number of major media and a number of designated strategic cooperation media. Search the terms "Printing Exhibition" or "special printing" through Baidu and other online search engines, and you can immediately find the relevant reports of the special printing exhibition. At the same time, the "special printing exhibition" column and special printing topic are opened in each issue of China printing, and the special printing exhibition briefing is specially compiled and printed. At the same time, the official station of special printing exhibition is opened, so that the latest information of special printing exhibition can be timely transmitted to every corner of the industry and to every ultimate professional target user. Make the communication and interaction between exhibitors, visitors and the host more convenient and efficient

cross industry large-scale collaboration

this special printing exhibition is the first to open a large-scale cross industry cooperation: using the advantages of professional industry associations, gradually carry out cross industry cooperation with industry associations, organize the interaction and exchange between upstream and downstream printing enterprises, and strongly invite representatives from advertising, plastics, daily necessities, cosmetics, food, toys, clothing, taxation, public security, banking and other fields to improve and extend the industrial chain

One of the objectives of the special printing exhibition is to provide exhibitors with an efficient opportunity for interaction and exchange, to contact partners, potential customers and representatives of government agencies in all industries and at all levels across the country in the shortest time and in the largest scope, and to build a pragmatic and efficient investment promotion and publicity platform for exhibitors to communicate face-to-face with customers. As the member units of the exhibition organizing committee, China Chamber of Commerce for information industry, China Association of automatic identification technology, China Plastics Processing Industry Association and China Advertising Association will give full play to their respective advantages to organize enterprise representatives, engineering technicians, business personnel from various provinces and cities in the fields of advertising, plastics, daily necessities, cosmetics, food, toys, clothing, taxation, public security, banking, etc Professionals from research institutions come to visit, exchange technology and negotiate business. In addition, the organizing committee also visited the China anti-counterfeiting industry association and other institutions, and agreed on plans for organizing professional audiences and holding a series of professional and high-level supporting activities led by the "first China special printing conference". Based on the successful experience of the organizer in organizing the exhibition and the full support of customers from all walks of life, professionals and customers from the printing industry and across industries will be welcomed during the exhibition. With rich resources and distinctive features, the special printing exhibition, which integrates special printing and RFID equipment and technology display, industrial factor trading and industrial information exchange, will become a grand festival for the printing industry

during the holding of the all print exhibition, as one of the organizers of the all print exhibition, the China Printing Technology Association, with its unique advantages of timing, harmony and geographical advantages, made full use of the influence of the all print exhibition and the boosting role of the media, and carried out extensive and in-depth promotion and publicity of the special print exhibition.

at present, the momentum of the special print exhibition has always been hot, However, the organizing committee did not cause this problem at all. The reason is most likely that the main motor belt is broken or lax. It is hoped that through active efforts, every exhibitor will be worthy of this trip

differentiated exhibition purpose

in the nearly 10000 professional visitors' visit and registration receipts received by the organizing committee, most professional visitors and many printing enterprises showed unexpected interest and great attention to this special printing exhibition, because they can't wait to get rid of the price war cycle of ordinary printing and find a differentiated business strategy suitable for their own characteristics as soon as possible

the homogenization competition in the printing industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and the printing price is decreasing year by year. It is difficult to reduce internal losses and production costs only by strengthening internal management. With the intensification of market competition at home and abroad, users have higher and higher requirements for printed materials. Differentiated management has become a successful strategic choice for many printing enterprises. The so-called differentiated strategy is to design, produce and provide customers with products and services that are important and different from others. With the progress of science and technology and the growth of various professional needs, special printing technology has achieved unprecedented development and penetration

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