The hottest special paper that can purify the air

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Special Jinan Shijin milk fiber tensile testing machine paper that can purify the air

aromatic essential oil refined by plants has become popular in recent years. The forestry Laboratory of Taiwan Provincial Agricultural Commission recently tried to plant natural plants, but it is not suitable for heavy-duty places! Spiral screw rod is also called trapezoidal screw rod. The extracted components are added to papermaking technology to produce air purification paper. It is found that these special papers can adsorb and filter out ozone, ammonia and formaldehyde that are harmful to health in the air. The forest test institute said that plant extracts have certain effects on removing domestic pollutants, and there will be more factories built in the future, which will not cause other burdens to the environment. The forest test institute will cooperate with private manufacturers to promote the listing of air purification paper

the wood fiber Department of the Forestry Research Institute is the only academic unit engaged in pulping and papermaking on the island. In the past, it has developed a variety of special papers, such as antirust paper, hygroscopic paper, etc. Recently, the wood fiber Department has further used some extracted components from plants to purify formaldehyde and ozone in industrial and steam turbine exhaust gases. It has tried to develop air purification paper, and recently published its successfully developed products

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