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Children's special paint is just a gimmick.

if you buy a new house, conditional parents will carefully plan your child's bedroom. Please design children's room for your child, customize children's table, configure children's bed, and pay special attention to children's paint

paint, commonly known as "paint", is an essential basic material in home decoration, while children's paint on the market has sprung up, "efficient antibacterial", "powerful aldehyde removal", "easy to wash and rub" and other propaganda words are very common

however, is the quality of children's paint as magical as the manufacturer's propaganda? Industry insiders said that children's special paint is just a gimmick of businesses, and there is a lack of corresponding national production standards at present

children's special paint, gimmick or selling point

recently, Ms. Wang, who just got the key to her new house, has begun to worry about the decoration of her new home. The new house covers an area of 80 square meters, with two bedrooms, one living room and one bathroom. "I bought this house just for the children's school district." Ms. Wang said frankly, "when decorating, I will definitely use the best materials in the children's room. As long as I can afford it, I will try to buy special and better materials for my children."

Ms. Wang turned to the decoration city and building materials store to learn about the market situation first. "Several stores recommended children's paint to me. They said that it was specially developed for children. It is not only environmentally friendly, but also has much stronger anti fouling ability than ordinary paint, and it is also scrub resistant." Ms. Wang is very interested and thinks it is feasible. She plans to choose a brand carefully when decorating in the future

"I think children's paint is a gimmick." Unlike Ms. Wang, Mr. Zhao dismisses this. Mr. Zhao's house was decorated and occupied last year, and the coatings used are well-known brands

"I think it's OK to choose famous brand paint instead of special paint for children. Besides, who can guarantee that the formaldehyde of children's paint does not exceed the standard? Moreover, the price of special paint for children is oneortwo times that of ordinary paint, which is too expensive." Mr. Zhao believes that the so-called children's special paint is just a flower that businesses think of in order to make money. It is not cost-effective, and the uneven compound growth rate has reached 261%, which is worth buying

"children's special paint is a marketing strategy of manufacturers. They have found out the mentality of some consumers. As long as it is for the good of children, parents are willing to buy at a high price." One consumer said

the price is relatively expensive, and parents don't "catch a cold"

then, how about the sales of children's special paint on the market

recently, I came to a paint store on Wanchang road in Hangzhou city. In one corner of the store, there is special paint for children, which is much more expensive than ordinary paint. For example, the price of ordinary bamboo charcoal formaldehyde resistant full effect emulsion paint is 699 yuan for a 6-liter package, while the price of another 5-liter latex paint marked as "bamboo charcoal children's paint" is 899 yuan

the shopkeeper told that affected by price factors, at present, parents in Wenling are not so "cold" about children's special coatings, and their sales are not as good as ordinary coatings. It can be said that ordinary paint is still the first choice of owners, and children's special paint is only a niche product

"in the decoration process, we found that the difference between children's special paint and ordinary paint is not obvious." The range of variation of the experimental force instigated by a senior decoration company within 3O seconds should meet the requirements, said Xiao Yu, a planner, "Children's coatings produced by regular manufacturers may pay more attention to environmental protection and low toxicity. The content of harmful substances such as formaldehyde is slightly lower, and the production process is higher than the standard of ordinary coatings. However, since there is no specific national standard for children's coatings on the market at present, it is impossible to judge whether the so-called children's coatings are really more environmental protection and low toxicity."

ordinary paint can also meet the needs of home decoration

according to the Executive Standards printed on the outer package of the paint, we searched out some materials, which also confirmed Xiao Yu's statement. According to our observation, the Executive Standards on the packaging of children's special paint on the market are consistent with the Executive Standards of ordinary paint, most of which are national standards GB and gb/t

take the national standard gb/t 27 general "classification, naming and model of paint products" as an example, there is no concept of "children's paint" or "children's paint", nor the so-called "children's paint" national standard

in the "limit of harmful substances in interior wall coatings of interior decoration materials" issued in 2008, there are no relevant specifications for children's special coatings. In other words, "children's special paint" is a concept processed by manufacturers

according to Xiao Yu, at present, there are many kinds of coatings on the market, with different functions such as antifouling, antibacterial and formaldehyde absorption, which can be selected according to the specific needs of the owner. In other words, ordinary coatings also have most of the functions of children's special coatings. For example, if there are children at home, you can choose a brand-name paint that is dirt resistant and scrub resistant. When small dirt is on the wall, you can wipe it off with a towel. Because of this, the market for children's special paint is relatively limited, and more owners tend to choose famous brand ordinary paint products

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