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Special paper special development and characteristic upgrading

now there are fewer and fewer special paper with large import volume. Because the industry pays great attention to this kind of paper, once it is found, it will immediately carry out research and development and convert it into production to fill the market gap. On February 26, Mr. Liu Wen, Secretary General of the special paper Committee of the productivity promotion center of the paper industry, said in an interview that at present, China's servo valve paper industry after special cleaning is developing very fast, and the ability to replace imported products is greatly enhanced; In addition, through effective interaction with research institutions, raw material and equipment enterprises and downstream users, the mode of product development is changing from imitation to independent innovation, so that the varieties of raw materials and products are increased synchronously, and the equipment level and product quality are continuously improved; What is more gratifying is that the involvement of large enterprises and foreign enterprises has also promoted the development of the industry. Highlight the vitality of development

Mr. Li Yimin, executive deputy director of the special paper Committee of the productivity promotion center of the paper industry and vice president of the China pulp and paper research institute, analyzed that the special paper industry has become a hot investment because of its high profits and wide range of fields involved. I know an entrepreneur in Zhejiang who founded a special paper factory with only 1million yuan. Initially, the factory could only produce hundreds of kilograms of paper a day, but each ton of paper could be sold for more than 30000 yuan, making a considerable profit. Now its products have been sold to Panasonic battery (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. and other battery enterprises. Mr. Liu Wen added

when talking about the boundary of special paper, Liu Wen said: at present, there is no clear definition. Special means less. Special functions determine that the annual output of special paper enterprises is relatively small. General factories produce thousands of tons of paper a year; However, there are so many product varieties in the whole industry that it is difficult to classify them simply. The total annual output value of Japan's specialty paper industry is 50billion yuan. The annual total output value of China's specialty paper industry is certainly much larger than that of Japan. At present, there are many special paper mills in China, especially in Zhejiang and Shandong. On the premise that special paper mills in other industries are not included in the statistical scope, it is roughly estimated that there are fourorfive special paper mills in the country

in view of the concept of stone paper that is now being hyped everywhere, Liu Wen said: in fact, stone paper is what foreign countries call synthetic paper or dust-free paper. Long ago, Japan developed this kind of paper out of worries about future pulp resources and optimism about the future petrochemical industry. This kind of paper is made by film drawing process, and the main raw materials are polypropylene and calcium carbonate. The Wang Yongqing family, the king of plastic in Taiwan, once built a synthetic paper production plant in Dongguan. However, the factory has not launched a large number of products. This may be related to the small market demand. The stone paper market is not so large, there are too many projects, and the market will be difficult to digest in the future

the clamping jaws of the fixture of the tensile testing machine can be divided into different types of flat jaws and round jaws according to the shape of the measured materials. When interviewed by the special paper Committee, they were talking about the establishment of a special paper industry station with the hydrogel prepared by a company, which is cheap, safe and fully scalable

Liu Wen said that building such a network platform is to facilitate the exchange of industry information. In addition, the industry also holds an annual meeting every year

Zeng Huijun of the Secretariat of the special paper Committee said: the special paper Committee was established in 2006. At that time, there were only a dozen member units, and then more and more, and now it has grown to more than 60. The member units are involved in the production and operation of special paper, scientific research, equipment manufacturing, chemical additives, raw materials and other fields

since there is no special pulp factory in China, the raw materials of insulating pulp, Manila pulp and mercerizing pulp required by the industry depend on imports. This limits the development of corresponding paper grades and the improvement of product quality. Liu Wen said that the special paper committee is communicating with all parties to strive to build supporting pulp mills for the industry

According to Mr. Liu, due to the good development of the special paper industry, enterprises such as Shanghai Jinshan Petrochemical Company and Sichuan Vinylon factory in the petrochemical industry began to provide vinylon, polyester and other chemical fiber raw materials for papermaking for the special paper industry. This enables the development and production of special paper industry to have a high-quality and reliable source of raw materials, but also enrich the product variety

at the same time, some enterprises in other industries have also been involved in the production of special paper, such as the production of insulating material mica paper by Beijing Academy of intraocular lens, the launch of special paper production line by Yantai spandex company in the chemical fiber industry, and a factory in Shandong that originally produced refractory materials has suddenly launched nine production lines to produce ceramic fiber paper for boiler insulation with the advantage of producing ceramic fiber in the past, Some enterprises in the building materials industry are also exploring the production of special paper by taking advantage of raw materials

since the introduction of the first special paper production enterprise Xianhe paper company in Qujiang District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province in 1997, the scale of the special paper industry in this area has expanded rapidly, with an average annual new output value of 100million yuan. Up to now, there are 10 high-grade special paper enterprises above Designated Size in the region, accounting for 7% of the national special paper output. It is estimated that by 2012, the output of special paper in this area will reach more than 300000 tons; There are more than 30 types of products, with an output value of more than 4billion yuan

at present, large enterprises such as sun paper, Chenming Group and MCC Meili Paper Company have entered the field of special paper

Mr. Ying Guangdong, deputy general manager of sun paper, said: Sun Paper's machine 23 mainly produces special cultural paper. At the same time, the company adjusted the product structure appropriately and vigorously developed special papers such as securities paper, anti-counterfeiting check paper, self-adhesive base paper, waterproof beer sticker, medical device paper, stainless steel lining paper, matte coated paper, etc

at the end of July 2009, classic paper company, Zehui paper company and Zhongye Meili Paper Company reached a cooperation agreement to jointly build a special paper production base. It is reported that the base will have more than 20 sets of domestic first-time pearlescent forming vacuum spraying machines and professional special paper production equipment, with an annual output of 50000 tons of special paper

according to expert analysis, large enterprises can rely on their strong capital strength and professional talents to carry out the R & D and production of special paper products, which is beneficial to improving the R & D level and product quality of the industry

the transformation from imitation to independent innovation involves many industries such as electric power, electronics, automobile, building materials, agriculture, aviation, aerospace, medical treatment, food, decoration, and the application fields are expanding. In the case of foreign counterparts slowing down the pace of development, many places need to rely on our own research and development. Liu Wen said that researchers in many aspects of the industry uniformly integrate high concentration ceramic material particles into fibers, involving high-end technology. There are many fields that can be developed, and some products have been supported by the National 863 program

China pulp and Paper Research Institute began to carry out special paper research in 1955, and developed 4 m capacitor paper, cable paper and ultra-high voltage transformer paper, electrolytic capacitor paper, aviation oil filter paper, water guide paper for manned spacecraft, radioactive dust filter paper, ceramic fiber heat insulation paper, printed circuit board paper, etc. The Institute also created a unique process of manufacturing electrolytic capacitor paper with sisal. Later, Japanese counterparts felt that the products produced with this raw material were of good quality and followed suit

China pulp and paper research institute is currently building a national engineering laboratory and special paper production base in Langfang, Hebei Province. After the completion of the base, the pilot test conditions will be greatly improved than before, and will better serve the industry

it is reported that Guangdong Guanhao High Tech Co., Ltd. will build a national special paper research and development center on the basis of Guangdong special paper engineering technology research and development center

after nearly 40 years of development, the electrolytic capacitor paper of Zhejiang Kane special materials Co., Ltd. has been able to compete with Japan's NKK company. Cairn has also successfully developed a number of new products, including filter paper base paper, vacuum cleaner bag paper and masking tape paper with large-scale production conditions

at the same time, the equipment industry is also making progress. Through years of efforts, some domestic enterprises have been able to produce inclined paper machines suitable for special paper production

at present, some domestic special paper mills with strong development have introduced the world's advanced oblique paper machine or domestic oblique paper machine produced by Voith company of Germany to improve the production level, which has brought about the improvement of product quality

Mr. Liu Wen said that the progress in many aspects of the industry was finally reflected in the market. In the past, domestic products used to live on imported products, but now domestic products dominate the market

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