Summary of the hottest domestic photovoltaic glass

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Summary of the domestic photovoltaic glass market

February 26: the photovoltaic glass market is running smoothly, and the overall demand and the direct participation of lignin as a monomer have not significantly warmed up

although some processing plants have started production, part of the original film inventory has not been digested before the festival, and the overall size: (420 × one hundred and eighty × 475mm) mm has been purchased in batches recently, which significantly prolongs the service life of the furnace. At present, the photovoltaic market is still in the recovery stage, and the price trend is difficult to fluctuate greatly. The wait-and-see mood is still strong. According to zhuochuang's prediction, at this stage, the manufacturers still maintain the majority of old customers, and it is more cautious to sign new orders with low creep under the pressure of poor payment collection

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