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Overview of industrial economy in Hebei Province

Introduction: there are seven advantageous industries in Hebei Province, including food, steel, medicine, machinery, chemical industry, building materials, textile and so on. The food processing industry has obvious advantages and has a quota; Sanlu quote quot; Lulu quote quot; Hualong quote; And a number of well-known enterprises. The total amount of iron and steel industry is large, and the technical equipment is good

there are seven advantageous industries in Hebei Province, including food, steel, medicine, machinery, chemical industry, building materials, textile and so on. The food processing industry has obvious advantages, with "Sanlu", "Lulu", "Hualong" and other national well-known trademarks and a number of well-known enterprises

the total amount of iron and steel industry is large, and the technical equipment is good. In 2002, the annual output of pig iron, steel and steel was 29.2105 million tons, 25.0999 million tons and 26.5963 million tons respectively, ranking first in the country. There are six major iron and steel enterprises in Han steel, Tang steel, Shi Steel, Cheng steel, Xuanhua Steel and Xing steel

the development foundation of chemical and pharmaceutical industry is good. It is an important chemical and pharmaceutical base in China. The output of chemical raw materials, photosensitive materials, soda ash and barium salt ranks first in the country

in the machinery industry, industries such as electrical appliances, agricultural machinery, automobiles and spare parts, heavy mining machinery, engineering machinery, etc. have strong competitiveness. The output of bulldozers with more than 165 horsepower and ultra-high voltage transformers ranks first and second in China respectively

power industry

since the "Eighth Five Year Plan" (the "Eighth Five Year Plan"), our province has promoted the development of the power industry through a series of policies and measures, such as raising funds to run electricity and encouraging diversified investment. During the "Ninth Five Year Plan" (the "Ninth Five Year Plan"), the province's fixed asset investment in electricity was 65.3 billion yuan, an increase of 2.5 times over the "Eighth Five Year Plan", with an average annual growth rate of 27.4%. By the end of 2002, the installed capacity of the province was 17.3 million KW, including 9.24 million kW in the south, 8.06 million kW in the north, 16.51 million kW in thermal power, 790000 kW in hydropower and others. The unit capacity of Hanfeng Power Plant has reached 660000 kW, and the technical indicators of main equipment have reached the international advanced level. The provincial power generation was 101.39 billion kwh, an increase of 10.01% year-on-year. Electricity consumption was 96.583 billion kwh, an increase of 11.33%, and per capita electricity consumption was 1463 kwh. Electricity has also developed from the past community and electricity to the current large electricity of the main frame composed of 220 kV and 500 kV transmission lines. On December 26th, 2000, our province completed the "bright project" which lasted for ten years, realizing the power supply of more than 10 natural villages, ranking sixth in the country

metallurgical industry

Hebei metallurgical industry has a long history. At present, it has formed a comprehensive industrial system with a complete range of categories, including mining, steel, coking, refractory materials, carbon products, metallurgical machinery, non-ferrous metals and teaching, scientific research, design, construction and installation

Hebei Province is the largest steel production base in China. The output of pig iron, steel, steel and iron ore ranks first in China for two consecutive years. In 2002, the output reached 29.2105 million tons, 26.5963 million tons, 25.0999 million tons and 62.5653 million tons respectively, an increase of 35.03%, 34.17%, 34.15% and 8.55% over 2001. The main products are: coil, wide and thick plate, medium and thick plate, strip steel, high-quality steel profile, high-speed tool steel, high-speed wire rod, series of construction steel, series of welded pipe and ductile iron pipe, etc. In addition, Hebei Province is also an important large-scale metallurgical roll and aluminum foil producer in China

in recent years, the metallurgical industry in Hebei has developed rapidly, and the backbone enterprises have their own characteristics: Tangshan Steel and Handan steel sheet, Chenggang high-grade vanadium steel, Xingtai steel high-quality wire rod, Shijiazhuang steel high-quality steel profile, Qinhuangdao plate wide and thick plate, Xuanhua Steel construction steel, Xinxing cast pipe high-quality series ductile iron pipe and pipe fittings, Heye science and Technology Co., Ltd. high-speed tool steel, North China Aluminum and Bohai aluminum foil and aluminum profile, Xingtai roll large-scale high-quality roll Qinghe high-quality refractory materials and other products are well-known throughout the country and exported to the international market; Some regions in the province take products as the link, forming regional characteristics: Tangshan has become the largest strip steel production area in the country, Langfang and Hengshui have become the largest welded steel pipe production area in the country, and Cangzhou has become an important large-diameter submerged arc welded pipe production area in China

petroleum industry

Hebei Province is rich in oil reserves. There are three oil and gas fields in the territory, including PetroChina North China Oilfield, PetroChina Dagang Oilfield (Southern Mining Area), PetroChina Jidong Oilfield. In 2002, it produced 5.0326 million tons of crude oil and 590 million cubic meters of natural gas. At the same time, it also has three major oil refining enterprises: Sinopec Shijiazhuang Refinery, Sinopec Cangzhou Refinery and PetroChina North China Petrochemical Company, with an annual crude oil processing capacity of 10million tons. Renqiu oilfield developed by PetroChina Huabei Oilfield is the main oilfield in North China and the largest carbonate buried hill high-yield oilfield in China. The oil reservoir is deeply buried, the oil temperature is high, and the output of a single well is high. Most of the oil wells are completed by the open hole method in the oil reservoir section. Jidong Oilfield is located in the coastal area south of Tangshan City and east of Qinhuangdao city. It is an oil field newly built in eastern China during the Seventh Five Year Plan period

Tobacco Industry

the tobacco industry in Hebei Province has more than 20000 cadres and workers, and produces 1.17 million boxes of cigarettes annually. At present, cigarette series products dominated by "Shijiazhuang", "Magnolia" and "diamond" have been fully formed, and have become the main source of profits for commercial enterprises. In 2002, on the basis of maintaining rapid development for several consecutive years, the industry in the province showed a strong momentum of development. Industrial and commercial profits and taxes reached 3.05 billion yuan, an increase of 40.2% year-on-year, a net increase of 1.57 billion yuan from 1.48 billion yuan in 2000, more than doubling, and the economic goal of the tenth five year plan was achieved three years ahead of schedule

Machinery Industry

after 50 years of development, especially 20 years of reform and opening up, the machinery industry in Hebei Province has developed into a manufacturing industry with a certain foundation and a considerable scale, and has become one of the pillar industries in Hebei Province by continuously strengthening enterprise management, strengthening technological transformation, product development and investment attraction. A product pattern dominated by power transmission and transformation equipment, automobiles and parts, and agricultural machinery products, with food packaging machinery, printing machinery, and environmental protection machinery products as new growth points, has basically formed. A number of backbone enterprises and advantageous products enjoy high reputation at home and abroad. There are more than 1600 manufacturing enterprises in the industry, with annual sales revenue of more than US $7 billion and export earnings of US $440million

new products with the international advanced level in the 1990s, such as shell transformer, high-power and high drive hydraulic transmission crawler bulldozer, heavy slurry pump, heavy chain transmission complete equipment, full-automatic polyurethane bottle filling line, ultra-fine powder (nano) homogenizer, have been successfully developed and put into production, and are gradually becoming a new support for the future development of the industry. A total of 2 national enterprise technology development centers and 24 provincial technology development centers have been established in the whole industry. Advanced manufacturing technology and precise and efficient key equipment have been applied in production. Tangshan Aisin Gear Co., Ltd., Kerui Ningjin Valve Co., Ltd., Lucas Weilida Langzhong brake Co., Ltd. and other joint ventures are gradually becoming one of the main forces in the development of the industry

electrical and electrical appliances industry

after years of development, the electrical and electrical appliances industry has formed power transmission and transformation equipment represented by transformers, wires and cables, high-voltage porcelain and lightning arresters, switch control equipment and components, relay protection devices and components, electrical equipment dominated by AC motors, welding machines and solders, electric tools, low-voltage electrical appliances, batteries The product system is composed of basic components based on electrical alloy and boilers

large power transformers: the product level remains leading in China, equivalent to the international level in the early 1990s. The output accounts for 13% of the total output of the country, ranking second in China

high voltage electric porcelain: it has a strong competitive advantage in China, and its output ranks third in China. Tangshan high voltage electric porcelain factory has a strong competitive advantage in power station pillar porcelain insulators, with a market share of 35%, ranking first in China. The product technology level has reached the international level in the 1990s, and is leading in China

wires and cables: the technical level of the products has reached the international level in the 1990s, which is advanced in China, and the output ranks first in China. After the three 500kV cross-linked cable production lines of Hebei Xinhua cable group, Hebei Baofeng cable group and Renqiu Yongxing cable factory are put into operation, the cable level of our province will be in the leading position in China

small and medium-sized AC motors: they have considerable competitive advantages in China. Their product output ranks fourth in China, and their level remains leading in China. Their product technology level has reached the international level in the 1990s, and their export earnings are among the best

Agricultural Machinery Industry

after more than 40 years of development, the agricultural machinery industry has formed a relatively complete product system that can basically meet domestic agricultural production, agricultural product processing and farmers' basic living needs. It mainly includes tractors, tillage machinery, plant protection machinery, agricultural internal combustion engines and spare parts; Drainage and irrigation machinery; Field operation machinery and harvesting machinery; Agricultural and sideline products and feed processing machinery; Agricultural transportation machinery, etc. Among them, small tractors, moldboard ploughs, seeders, large cotton processing machinery and flour processing machinery have developed into national famous brand products, which are sold to more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, have a high market share in China, and some models of products are exported to Eastern Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries

cotton processing machinery: Gin, linter and lint cleaner have a domestic market share of more than 60%. Some products are exported, and their products have reached the international contemporary level

flour processing machinery: the complete set of flour processing equipment is a traditional famous brand product in our province, with a domestic market share of more than 30%, and some products are exported, and the products have reached the international level in the 1990s

agricultural transport machinery: the output of four-wheel agricultural transport vehicles ranks seventh in China, and has certain scale benefits

construction machinery industry

the main products of Hebei Construction machinery industry can be used to produce excellent surfaces, including bulldozers, loaders, hydraulic rock drilling jumbos, down the hole drills, roof bolter drills, engineering drills, construction machinery, engineering cranes and other more than 20 kinds of products. Among them, bulldozer, down the hole drill, anchor bolt drill and engineering drill have advantages in China, and their product level, production capacity and market share remain leading in China

the dominant position of bulldozer products is more obvious. On the basis of continuously improving the product quality and market share of 140 HP bulldozers, they are gradually developing towards large-scale development. 165 HP bulldozers have begun to enter the market, and have developed 220 HP and 330 HP overhead drive bulldozers with the international level in the 1990s. The production capacity reaches 1200 sets, the domestic market share reaches more than 35%, and the product level is leading in China

loaders and road machinery have also developed to a certain extent. Z140 crawler loaders, ZL60F, zl50b, zl30e wheel loaders and SY8 oscillating vibratory rollers have been developed and produced successively. The production capacity of loaders has reached 300, and oscillating vibratory rollers have achieved small batch production, and the product level has reached the domestic leading level

automobile and parts industry

through the technology introduction, technological transformation and foreign joint venture cooperation of the "Seventh Five Year Plan" (the "Seventh Five Year Plan"), the "Eighth Five Year Plan" (the "Eighth Five Year Plan"), and the "Ninth Five Year Plan" (the "Ninth Five Year Plan"), the automobile industry in Hebei Province has developed rapidly in terms of production scale and technical level, forming a product pattern dominated by light vehicles, heavy vehicles, special modified vehicles, and auto parts. The automobile production in our province is mainly light-duty vehicles and parts, and the main models include 1020 series light passenger and freight vehicles and chassis, 6400, 6540, 6600, 6700 series passenger cars and T815 series heavy-duty trucks. Auto parts products mainly include light and mini car gearboxes, air-cooled diesel engines,

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